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You can, to some extent, condition your plants and soil for cold weather.
The physical extent of land conversion for human activities is only part of the story, however.
They all knew who Freud was, but that was about the extent of their common knowledge.
The extent to which this hope may be justified is in part hidden behind the wall of atomic secrecy.
To some extent, we all fear change.
New study looks to tabulate the extent of intelligent extraterrestrial life.
One thing that really surprises me is the extent to which Rembrandt exists as a phenomenon in pop culture.
To a laudable extent, he has come through in amazingly rapid fashion.
Changing the path now will limit the extent of the destruction.
Some countries take breaking the law seriously and do not hesitate to prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of the law.
We also see the renascence movement and general national activities increasing its vocabulary to an enormous extent.
IF words have all their possible extent of power, three effects arise in the mind of the hearer.
But whatever the services a citizen has rendered, he must expect honors only to the extent of the national recognition.
Any nation that potters with any glory of its past, as a thing dead and done for, is to that extent renegade.
To a certain extent, of course, the selection was self-determined.
But scientists cannot predict the extent of the disruptions.
Ask students to describe to what extent the contemporary political boundaries coincide with the boundaries they created.
Her keepers will be able to control her growth rate, to some extent, by limiting or increasing her food.
Yet there has been little comprehensive research about the extent of gene patenting.
Tobias said more research is needed to learn the extent of signal jamming among other animals.
Yet other regions, particularly perceptual regions, are likely to vary over time in both spatial extent and character.
Using colored pencils, students should also show how the geographic extent of the problem could change in the future.
Second, there is the question of to what extent a pig organ could function in a human body.
Tail has pale tips, the extent of which depends on subspecies.
The temperature at which a crystal forms, and to less extent the humidity of the air, determine the basic shape.
To the extent possible, he says, articles should be comprehensible to non-specialists.
Work is directed, to a certain extent, by stakeholders that use the research for improving their bottom line.
Of course, that doesn't mean holding their hands to the extent that they forget that they alone are responsible for their studies.
My experience, however, makes me question the extent to which our students want us to reach out to them in those new ways.
His or her success depends to a larger extent on yours, so he or she has a vested interest in how well you do.
Yes, these qualities can be improved and inculcated to an extent, and the quality of the school in which people teach matters too.
Of course, to the extent that such drugs pose health risks, it's prudent to restrict their use.
Genes control to a great extent how long an organism can live.
To an extent, the opportunity to choose enhances our lives.
And that is the extent of the patent protection that is given.
At this point, there are two possibilities, depending on the extent and location of the damage.
The length of the gene varies within the general population and becomes problematic only when it exceeds a certain extent.
Already wind and to a lesser extent solar energy are making inroads.
Technology is invaluable for improving the game, but only to the extent that it helps the humans who participate.
McNally tries to parse out to what extent our biology dictates our mental health.
After she returned home, a visit to the emergency room revealed the extent of her injury.
Traditionally, gravity measurements have been used to determine variations in the extent of groundwater.
But to the extent that hormones influence their behavior, moms and dads may have more in common than previously thought.
Researchers have learned how to manipulate genes in plants and animals, and to a much lesser extent, in humans.
We're not going to want to eliminate executive power or even inhibit the president to too great an extent.
Periods when children may be sensitive to intervention, to the extent that they are important, will be better defined.
One can debate the extent to which these things have happened or continue to happen.
To some extent all films are political, because all films have a point of view.
She liked the work-it occupied her thoughts to a certain extent and tired her out so that she could sleep at night.
The same phenomenon is, to some extent, at work in the fuel-economy debate.
Speaking of fashion, the preppy look has been embraced and-to an extent-undermined by a hipper clientele.
To the extent that solvency is subjective, the government was the beholder whose eyes mattered.
Three: there is also some argument about the extent of the financial center-political system nexus.
One has negative liberty to the extent that actions are available to one in this negative sense.
But to the extent to which it's meant to convey surprise, it may not be quite right.
The second crisis, in contrast, is far more academic than social and to a surprising extent invisible.
His influence has been so pervasive that, to a large extent, it remains unacknowledged.
Seriously, though, each of us must decide to what extent to defer to corporate sensibilities in our language.
And the extent of what he knows would never be guessed by one who met him only in anthologies.
It has, to a large extent, simply been absorbed into the main stream of jazz.
Both critics, however, failed to appreciate the extent of this indebtedness.
What foot-patrol officers did was to elevate, to the extent they could, the level of public order in these neighborhoods.
The report also precisely defines the scientific uncertainties concerning the extent, impacts, and timing of global warming.
It is difficult to overstate the extent to which modern stock traders have become, in essence, cyborgs.
The extent of the information that can be deduced is dependent on the length of the hair.
To the extent such questions are answered, this is a collection of case studies as much as historical essays.
Cells do self-organize to some extent, but such top-down attempts have had limited success.
In the cortical stimulation procedure, doctors first map the extent of the damage using brain imaging.
One important question is to what extent the model captures the real behaviour of the ecosystem.
Even more remarkable is the extent to which digital artists are using their tools to give life to animated characters.
He is entranced by the country and to some extent by its people.
To some extent, the tension between the two departments is inherent because of their different missions.
To some extent this is a reflection of the ever-widening scope of historical inquiry.
But as a justification for the denial of rights-to the extent that such rights exist-it is unacceptable.
To some extent this is an illusion: films are edited, after all.
To the extent that you make the function and the information specific, they exist only relative to observers and interpreters.
To some extent, you can address it by trying to improve the education, etc of those on the short end.
The sciences are trying to break out of this, to some extent, but econ is a long ways from doing that.
Most countries tax petrol, but the extent to which they do so varies enormously.
It is interesting to see the extent to which this trend has continued, however.
He also explores the extent to which they were abetted by outsiders.
The recession affected trade in both goods and services, but not to the same extent.
Sceptics point out that each mistake has tended to exaggerate the extent of climate change.
To the extent that they carry any ideological message, it is a simple insistence on freedom of expression.
If true, the extent of the collaboration is staggering.
Still, the extent of regional income inequality is striking in many countries.
Surveys show that teenagers deliberately injure themselves to a worrying extent.
The right question to ask is to what extent various factors contributed to the crisis.
One is that size is a poor proxy for the extent of the systemic threat posed by a bank.
Researchers debate the extent to which this area is specialised for word recognition, since it also responds to pictures.
Even for those closest to her, the extent of her distress was unfathomable.
They are also, to a vast extent, borrowing from foreigners.
For her to have done that to the extent that she did is amazing.
First of all, the thing that surprised me is the extent to what people knew.
Basically the extent of your knowledge, at this point.
Because the extent of government is larger, privatization has more scope.
Before long he discovered the extent of the triple-A exposure.
To some extent, whether clients got put into questionable investments depended on which senior manager oversaw their account.
How that power might express itself at its fullest extent is not a profitable or comfortable speculation.
Olga may have sensed that her rival had no marital ambitions, and to that extent she accepted her existence.
Neuroscientists usually scan people's brains looking for tumors or aneurysms or to localize the extent of physical trauma.
There are also questions about the extent to which the pro-sanctions countries will enforce the new measures.
To a certain extent, musical memory is procedural rather than declarative.
But to some extent it isn't what people say, but how they say them.
Perceptions of poverty are to some extent standardized to local distributions.
It shakes my emotional foundation to an enormous extent.
The story of the anti-arrhythmia drugs only hints at the extent of the problem.
So what had happened for many years preceding this illness, and to some extent throughout his whole life, was gone.
To a great extent he was successful, though not fully.
The extent of the predictive power depends upon the heritability of the trait.

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