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The car of the future has an extension cord and a great big laptop battery.
Furthermore, if neglected, the extension cords can be numbered among the most dangerous items in the shop.
Universities do have extension programs that focus on continuing education .
Human history can be examined as the gradual extension of law from higher levels.
The contract will be for two years with the possibility of extension.
The court should hold that the latest extension goes too far.
Most students don't ask for extensions.
Despite some effort, Congress in the end decided against a second extension.
Web comics are the natural extension of the serial done today.
Asking for an extension also buys you some time, right? .
Circular concrete pavers supply visual punch and act as an extension of the patio.
The lower level of the house becomes a pedestal for the top level and an extension of the entry path.
The inviting side yard acts as an outdoor extension of a family room.
If your town won't give you another extension, go ahead and add more two-inch plants.
Scientists have made several attempts to calculate, and by extension predict, how fast humans can go.
By extension, the policy of prohibiting supply has proved disastrous.
The locals have built a school extension for the growing number of children.
Small-scale trials of other drugs have suggested such life extension.
Research projects to find the answers to these questions can be conducted as an extension activity.
Many are the mere extension of a river canyon as it dumps into the ocean and flows across the continental shelf.
The transition from land to sea begins at the continental shelf, a gently sloping, submerged extension of the continent.
What we're doing now is an extension of that personal history.
The eye-catching motels, with their beckoning neon signs, are a stylistic extension of the boardwalk.
So if they haven't met the conditions by the deadline, they understand that they need to apply for an extension.
About a decade ago, he developed an interest in the science of radical life extension.
Students can submit them via e-mail to professors in place of real papers to get a deadline extension without late penalties.
Self-extension among robot operators may be desirable in combat but not necessarily in other grave situations.
Growth hormone holds a conflicted status in the world of life extension.
If the contract needs extension, they are first in line for getting the work, so there doesn't seem to be a bubble here.
The simulator could reduce the number of injuries in the delivery room, and by extension, reduce the number of lawsuits.
It was really about the whole experience of discovering these foods and how it affected me-and, by extension, my patients.
It is a dish that has become an extension of himself, that he has perfected, and to which he has earned the copyright.
As such, it is an extension of conventional warfare.
Some people regard the extension of psychology into the realm of world affairs as a kind of quackery.
It's a form of play which depends on spontaneity and, by extension, creativity.
Putting a price on intrinsic value gives you an extension for life's dealings.
Brunet and her team have not yet determined the exact mechanism for the lifetime extension, or which molecules are at work.
Time has to do with the duration of a process and space with its extension.
The end result would be much less tribal tension and by extension, less war.
Both time and space are the measures of the extension and the duration of a process.
The strictly ginglymoid or hinge-joints admit of flexion and extension only.
When the forearm is flexed the upper quadrilateral surface is palpable, but during extension it recedes into the olecranon fossa.
The xiphoid process is formed by a backward extension of the sternal plates.
The isthmus or middle lobe is formed as an extension of the lateral lobes between the common ejaculatory ducts and the bladder.
The mind appears to be adapted for reaching out and making the world, including our machines, an extension of itself.
By extension, the universe might have a destiny that reaches back and conspires with the past to bring the present into view.
By extension the frame on operates on is a matter of choice as well.
At the time, this was the longest extension of life span ever observed.
C is a special case of the maximum extension of that field of resonance.
What happened this week is that the extension as denied.
It's why hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on anti-aging methods and life extension.
Some argue that intelligent life leaving their worlds is an extension of this evolution.
By extension, many of these questions are imagination tests.
By extension, the lithium atom with its three electrons was represented by three oval orbits around a central dot.
By extension every elementary particle must carry around enough information to produce the entire universe.
Dealing with this great extension of moral hazard has become the largest challenge for financial reform.
All foreign policy is the extension of one's internal policies into the internal politics of another nation.
It takes place in a future meant to represent a logical extension of the present.
The ladder was badly split at the top rung of the lower extension.
It could provide a tool for prying problems apart and opening up a new space for the extension of learning.
But his weekly address calling for the extension of unemployment benefits was excellent.
Teachers tend to be opposed to an extension of the school day and school year.
But the heart of this plan is an extension of current policies plus a moderate expansion of certain policies.
Computer learning may help engage children, but it remains an extension of the traditional system of read and repeat.
Of course, that was before this weekend's bi-partisan wrangling over the payroll tax cut extension.
They were thinking of this as an extension of their regular line of business into a new profitable area.
The news ballad was a natural extension of this lyrical world.
His thermal iced-coffee vessel, an extension of his arm, is refilled about every five minutes.
There was no telling what the extension of flaps and wheels would do.
But note the extension of policing to unintended consequences of earlier policing.
That's a great thing for the development of clean technology, and by extension the climate.
The weekly benefit amount is lower than my extension.
General information regarding the unemployment extension.

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