extender in a sentence

Example sentences for extender

Akin to that school cafeteria meat taste unique to meat with soy filler extender.
And, as in a hybrid electric car with a petrol-powered range extender, there is an internal-combustion option.
The seat-belt extender business is apparently suspicious because they could potentially be used as weapons.
The soup reflects the original use for pasta, which was as an extender in soups and sometimes desserts.
The fancy seats have adjustable back and thigh support, not to mention a seat-cushion extender.
They add a table extender and have a tablecloth that fits across the entire double-length table.
It might eventually work as a range extender, paired with batteries.
All-electric cars generally use a range extender trailer that has either a gasoline generator or extra batteries.
The saltine doesn't merely serve as thrifty butter extender, as handy where's-the-thermometer crispiness insurance.
Extender oils are used in the manufacture of tires as softeners.
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