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Your parents and their experience loom large in your poetry-as do your grandparents, your extended family.
The extended family was small and they had few relatives to help them.
Younger families want high-quality care for their elderly parents as the extended family breaks down.
For example, extended family members are frequently engaged in treatment to help monitor the children while parents are at work.
They tell me their extended family has been knit together because they are all networked.
Most of my extended family has double eyelids except for a few of my cousins.
Being in the same tribe, whether that's an extended family or a particular culture, has always greased the wheels of cooperation.
Most of our extended family were all overweight, not obese.
Some use it to share kids' photos with extended family, while some use it to post travelogues.
Along with their extended family, they help look after the lambs.
Individuals of the two orientations often coexist in the same extended family.
It became a favorite with our extended family, each contingent adding his or her own touch.
Plus, there's significant food preparation to do, especially if extended family is involved.
Almost all the members of my father's extended family perished in the camps.
So you reach for another kind of community-you have a different type of extended family.
The writer also points out that the early-century spinsters drew support from an extended family.
They have been told that their extended family and friends will be welcome at the wedding.
We're an extended family, and we're going to be forever tied together because of the work we've done.
Really, it's less a nation than one big extended family.
Small slights in the extended family widened beyond repair.
And when the extended family comes together for holiday meals, she's the chef.
In short, they are close to one large extended family.
Through some detective work, scientists have determined that they were members of an extended family.
My entire extended family had no issues with any vaccine, and that's a lot of people.
Bob moved on to take a full-time job in another area but had hopes of returning one day to be near his extended family.
The important thing is the the kids see and hear their extended family members often.
Your office colleagues are perhaps your new extended family.
He has extended family in the state and owns land there.
Instead, the dinner should be viewed as if someone from your extended family was coming to visit.
Meerkats seem to enjoy a peaceful way of life: everyone living in extended family groups, all pitching in to help raise the pups.
The extended family structure helps groups cope with such losses.
In this extended family, people gather to pray in times of trouble.
The only environment he has ever known is the kitchen in which he dwells along with his extended family.
Fortunately it wasn't a member of my immediate family, but rather my extended family my reptile family.
Rex struggles with insurance claims and leans on his extended family for help.
Organize small or extended family gatherings with the help of ranch staff.
And there has always been an extended family of artists, not only musical but also all kinds of artists.
Nomadic herders roam in small tribal or extended family groups and have no home base.
She was fiercely loyal and devoted to her nuclear and extended family.
Regardless of the reason, a family reunion differs from a family holiday gathering in that extended family members are present.
Thus does the extended family keep on extending-further and further over their collective waistlines.
Meanwhile he has concentrated ever more power and wealth in the hands of his own extended family and clan.
In the past, an extended family would have looked after them in old age.
In between is a captivating chronicle of present-day life in an extended family.
In addition, southerners worry that if they move away they will lose the support they get from the extended family.
People actually benefit from living with extended family and friends.
Each pensioner usually supports a large extended family.
Almost the entire burden of coping with the orphan problem falls on the extended family.
These cultures place looking after the immediate and extended family at the top of the list on expectations of any citizen.
Longhouses have another thing in common besides their shape: they were built to serve as a home for a large extended family.
Together we've formed a new kind of extended family that takes up the slack left by our collective losses.
What has sprung up is less of an art movement than an extended family tree.

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