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We start with small doses and don't usually offer, let alone require, extended sequences.
We've extended the ad deadline if you use our online order form.
Skate fast over the surfaces of life and cover all the extended space you can, says the new ethos.
If the behavior continues, as the extended scenario suggests, then there are some issues at play.
Bob moved on to take a full-time job in another area but had hopes of returning one day to be near his extended family.
The important thing is the the kids see and hear their extended family members often.
He extended the practice to earlier photographs, too.
Add to this the almost vertical body, with tail extended in line, and glorious blue legs and feet.
Firefighters frantically cranked a rescue ladder, which rose slowly skyward-then stopped at the sixth floor, fully extended.
The two main types of radiation therapy are extended field radiation and involved field radiation.
Beauty is neither extended to the whole field of all living things nor merely enclosed in this field.
Their seats extended from the rising to the setting sun.
As far as the eye could reach to our right, the herd extended.
The values were as clear a hundred thousand years ago as now, and extended equally over the whole world.
And it extended so far, that the gardener himself did not know where the end was.
It's simple enough for anyone to play, but also deep enough to encourage extended experimentation.
All player transactions would cease, but the negotiating period would potentially be extended indefinitely.
During such activity, the forelimbs would have been extended in an action reminiscent of a push-up.
Over the course of the day, they gradually grow leaden with extended use, as our arms and legs do.
Bone density loss and muscle atrophy is a serious concern for astronauts during extended periods at zero gravity.
When the sun is low on the horizon, for example, the wall casts extended shadows that make it possible to discern its silhouette.
With every download of data, the time baseline of the light curves is extended.
If extended to humans, the technique would allow researchers to create potentially all-purpose stem cells without using embryos.
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It contains four bright sources, two of which are part of extended infrared-emitting regions in the densest part of the galaxy.
He notes that the method could be extended to other hosts and affiliates, and that many more species are likely to be at risk.
In fact the benefit is so great the body s chemistry heavily penalizes it when it undergoes extended periods of sleeplessness.
What has set pulses racing is subprime lending-mortgages extended at higher than normal rates to those with weak credit histories.
To mollify the oil firms, it now says it will discuss how these allowances might be extended further.
As the useful life of the car has been extended, manufacturers have focused on shortening its fashionable life.
The bank's offer has already been extended once because of lacklustre response.
Everyone seems to think that this maxim can be extended indefinitely.
Her impulse to speak out shockingly and usefully extended into politics, too.
Extended families live together in mud and plaster hut compounds.
He has an extended trunk and relatively short legs, a distinct advantage in the water.
But living in any cave for such an extended time took an unprecedented effort.
Meerkats seem to enjoy a peaceful way of life: everyone living in extended family groups, all pitching in to help raise the pups.
Currently, the only means of extended space travel is by chemically propelled rockets, similar to those used today.
The extended family structure helps groups cope with such losses.
Extended lunar stays build the experience and expertise needed for the long-term space missions required to visit other planets.
Until this discovery, no one knew that the northern shaft extended to the north as far as the southern shaft goes to the south.
The giant waves sometimes appear in areas of extended storms or converging weather fronts.
But that base can be extended with anything from squid to lettuce to pork to shallots.
Tougher cuts stand up well to the low-heat method, as the extended time they require in the oven further tenderizes the meat.
He ground through his entire repertoire while the little monkey extended his cap and collected every penny the children had saved.
These included increasing cash grants for more children, extended maternity leave benefits, and enhanced day care services.
If their parents can't afford tuition and extended health care coverage, that will mean more debt for today's grade-schoolers.
The ruling related to catalog sales but has since been extended to include online retailers.
Anyone who has blogged his thoughts for an extended time will recognize this world.
Aid for the unemployed needs to be extended in other ways.
Along with their extended family, they help look after the lambs.
Many of these books come in series, spinning out extended narratives in intricately imagined worlds.
The plot was trite, more an extended greeting card than a story.
He has lately extended his brand into a wider range of sportswear and accessories.
He also had a determination and a confidence in his work that extended to every comma and conjunction.
She makes eye contact not with the viewer but with herself-watching herself watch herself, in an extended but closed loop.
Rose raises the possibility of extended life as endless middle age.
Originally scheduled for a two-week run, the film has been extended indefinitely.
What follows is an extended chase, with a number of interested parties joining the fray.
In short, they are close to one large extended family.
The bones of its skull have extended around its eyes and brain to create a thick helmet.
The human, thus, requires extended care of parents until the teenage years.
Recently, with a few more changes, she has extended their life span sixfold.
As has been evidenced by other orbiters and landers, missions are quite often extended.
The discussion can be extended to four or more dimensions.
So the extended array will have sub arcsecond resolution.
Hybrids, plug-ins, and extended-range electric cars are hitting the market.
Parts of your brain are extended and your consciousness and intellect become expanded.
It can be worn for extended periods without producing the irritation that often results from adhesive tapes and rigid electronics.
And it has extended the charging cycle-life to hundreds of cycles--similar to many lithium-ion batteries.
When the proboscis is extended, the bee appears to be sticking out its tongue.
If you're in your eighties and you decide you want life extended when you were happier, at fifty, it's no longer possible.
That's why our definition of computation needs to be extended to include the influence of environment, they say.
Gao's system, designed to help doctors communicate with patients, can be extended to other languages and situations.
Most are married and stay in extended families that depend on their wages.
They have been told that their extended family and friends will be welcome at the wedding.
We're an extended family, and we're going to be forever tied together because of the work we've done.
Really, it's less a nation than one big extended family.
Over the eight months of his extended hospitalization, those costs must have amounted to several hundred thousand dollars.
Twenty-four percent of the world's marine fisheries are over-extended, depleted, or recovering.
When you interview someone, even over an extended period of time, you try to maintain some sort of professional distance.
Her stories about the distortions extended the life of the distortions themselves.
And his meticulousness extended to lengthy and vigilant postoperative care.
The aloofness she cultivated extended to her personal life, about which biographers have long speculated.
They avoided dramatic confrontations and extended examination of their characters' inner lives.
Early on, there's an extended description of a land turtle crawling along-indomitable, symbolic.
Those tax cuts, if extended permanently, will add considerably to the future deficit.
His book is an extended double portrait, describing their lives and times in detail.
History suggests that movements of people on such a scale would likely involve extended, severe, and global conflicts.
When bombarded by loud volumes over an extended period of time, these hair cells die off.

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