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Lights suspended above the tanks extend daylight hours in fall and spring to keep the fish feeding longer and growing faster.
Twenty-nine universities across the country have started a project to extend their high-speed networks to surrounding communities.
For the first time one of their number had consented to reduce his authority, rather than extend it.
Mounting research shows that optimism could extend your life.
The question is whether it also functions in people-and might be manipulated to extend human life.
Start with the plants, then pick your containers that will extend the color theme.
The task of government is to extend the tenure of settlement as long as possible.
Moreover, this disparate impact is likely to extend far into the future.
Another would extend a subsidy for health insurance for those who lose it along with their jobs.
Cloning success in animals doesn't extend to humans.
The effects of acid rain extend far beyond graveyards.
If your garden has a boring wall, think of it as an opportunity to extend your outdoor space.
No other life is worth living no mater how long your violent technology can extend life.
Flawed intuitions about the mind extend to virtually every other domain of cognition.
Many now expect a frenzy of deals, as fearful telecoms rivals scramble to extend their wireless portfolios before it is too late.
The discovery is likely to fuel a race for the development of a pill that could extend life spans.
Though possible in theory, it is highly improbable that this would ever become a practical strategy to extend length of life.
They were adding days to the year in order to extend their own rule.
Extend the warmth of your house into the yard by adding colorful accents and inviting seating areas outdoors.
New and renewed programs extend outreach to key countries.
The idea is to extend it to more or less everyone who sets foot in a clinic.
The discovery that the drugs extend the life span of roundworms could have important implications for human aging as well.
There is zero excuse too not extend these incentives.
All are drought tolerant, but giving them summer water will extend their flowering season.
But that is about as far as the similarities extend.
Such attacks used to extend only to a pistol whipping.
Whitish legs extend almost to tip of relatively short tail.
He was hoping to use the bookmobile to extend his home library-into his back yard.
Start with the plants, then pick a container that will extend the color theme.
One way to extend those observations is to study animals in zoos.
Being a twin may include benefits that extend beyond having a playmate from birth.
The overbalanced wheel, for example, has weighted arms attached to the rim of the wheel that fold down or extend out.
Extend built-ins to create a frame for the door or adjoining room.
Small populations extend onto deserts along riparian corridors.
Maybe this would extend the useful life of the shuttle.
Ma's musical interests extend far beyond the tried and true.
In regions with cool or short seasons, extend growing time by using floating row covers and clear plastic mulches.
Often located in the middle of vast tropical oceans, atolls are coral reefs that extend above the water.
Here is a look at five robotic space missions that could extend our understanding of the solar system in the coming years.
Temporary tumor shrinkage through chemotherapy has never been shown to cure cancer or to extend life.
Slate tiles extend from the dining area onto the terrace, making a smooth transition from inside to outside.
These swaps often extend well beyond the life of the loan.
He sent subjects across the empire in search of products or potions that could extend life.
New studies show how such mental maps blur with age and readily extend to accommodate bionic limbs.
They extend their tongues and generally appear to be dead.
But the toadfish's value may extend beyond heart disease.
Do not cut shoots that are needed to extend the vine or fill in gaps.
The mission is designed to extend the telescope's life by five years.
To keep predators out, the wire sides extend two feet below ground level, then out another two feet.
There's a mix of newcomers and families with deep ties that extend back generations.
The city's diversity in restaurants unfortunately doesn't extend to lodging.
Remember to extend your concern for healthier choices to everything from the paint on the wall to the rug on the floor.
But the government has hesitated to extend the pain to senior bondholders.
College football is an inherently violent sport, but rarely does that brutality extend to the team's mascots.
Perhaps the touch revolution will extend beyond tablets and smartphones and onto our traditional computers.
He also hopes to extend the site to cover other parts of the world.
Seller protection comes from their control over when to extend such offers.
The coating can reduce wear and extend their useful life from a few hours to weeks.
The administrator was happy to discuss both salary range and extend consideration time.
The objective of the research discussed in this article is to extend the transmission distance of entangled particles.
Extend that forecast to the entire state, and a big one is a near certainty.
In pencil, extend the horizontal lines out to the appropriate number for each country.
Oil spill's human health impacts might extend into the future.
Put your hands in fists at either side of your head and extend two fingers up and down while stomping feet and puffing up cheeks.
Cellular branches extend from these cells and allow the pigment to flow up to and interact with the pigment in upper layers.
In a way, what artists really do is extend your senses and your awareness of things.
One of the great problems connected with the universe is that of its possible extend.
The deep muscles of the back extend from the sacral to the occipital region and vary much in length and size.
The effect of the previous question does not extend beyond the session in which it was adopted.
The beginning and the end extend hands to each other.
From these branches a minute capillary plexus is given off, which does not extend beyond the inner nuclear layer.
As the cells multiply they extend into the subjacent mesoderm, and thus form a ridge or strand of cells imbedded in mesoderm.
He set himself first to extend and organize his own realm and to remodel his army.
Its fibers extend from the upper to the under surface of the organ.
The fossa is filled with fatty tissue across which numerous fibrous bands extend from side to side.
There are many ways of crowdsourcing, and mine was simply to extend the concept of peer leadership to grading.
Students have the option to purchase the e-book during or after a rental period, and can extend rental period in daily increments.
And now they want to extend this non-policy to higher education.
Ordinary people can easily broadcast their opinions and extend their networks.
They persuaded the government to extend to flex-fuel cars the tax break previously applied to ethanol-only models.
Yet despite these achievements, its activities did not extend into the heart of the rich world.
His dancers waddle, with torsos torqued and arms spread, and then extend a pointed leg and pause.
But cutting their food supply in half didn't extend their lives any further.
Information is still sketchy but it doesn't appear any real threats to the public extend nearly that far.
Extend that to everyone, and it's called cap and trade.
And her research shows that the more utilitarian a robot looks, the more likely its operator is to self-extend into the machine.
But the major magic happens when you extend the stroller.
Proper treatment of rainwater can extend drinking water supplies.
The researchers poked the tubes with sticks, irritating the animals, thus training them not to extend their tubes.
They occur where regions of intense magnetic field emerge from inside the sun and extend outward to the solar surface.
They hunt for both, and protect two territories that may each extend a half mile from their central nest mounds.
But the craft is healthy, and mission managers are hoping for funding to further extend its working life.
It can only help to extend what is the highest invitation in the land to people who are causing you difficulties.
Street parties have been planned, and landlords at public houses across the country will be allowed to extend their hours.
Governments don't extend and improve water networks, because they can't pay for it.
Do keep repairing old appliances to try to extend their lives.
At the urging of homebuilders and realtors, lawmakers in both parties want to extend the higher limits, possibly for good.
However, my steely resolve did not extend to tapping our emergency fund, or borrowing money.
There's an obvious need for ways to extend the reserve.
But the freedom of usage that defined personal computing does not extend to the world of parental computing.
But you don't want to reward poverty, so you extend those incentives to medium- and high-income business areas, too.
These books are intended to extend the reach of the films through informed essays on the films' subjects.
Brilliant ways to extend credit and financing have invigorated the global economy.
Comfort would make us want to extend the option to others who, in society's view, are suffering and leading purposeless lives.
Beyond that, medical capabilities didn't extend much further.
He says strings of language extend in every direction to bind the world into a rushing, seamless whole.
Yet her large talent doesn't extend to the non-singing parts of her performance.
He worked to extend the vote to disenfranchised blacks.
It seemed to extend without limit, as far as the after-horizon, where the sun was threatening to disappear.
Their delusions of grandeur do not extend as far as seeing thing that aren't there.
There does not seem to be much energy behind the effort to extend it.
Both sides believe that they are heirs to the civil-rights movement and are trying to extend the frontiers of human freedom.
It was not even safe enough for me to attend his funeral or extend condolences to his family.
He needed roles that would extend his gifts, and above all, he needed to choreograph.
Such a scheme might improve the situation of such patients, and might well extend their lives.
Sometimes such impurities can extend to nations, or even great powers.
By the end of the session, successfully trained bees extend their proboscises toward explosives.
Honda sought to extend how far the laminar flow extends along the fuselage and the wing.
Currently, treatments can extend the lives of patients with the cancer but not cure it.
The new materials could also extend the batteries' lifetime, reduce their cost, and improve their performance.
In the future, the company hopes to extend that by allowing users to download files by dragging them out of the window.
Nerve fibers, called axons, extend from neurons and carry electrical signals around the body.
The benefits could extend beyond electricity savings for building owners.
In order to cross the one-mile-deep barrier, the industry will need to extend existing technologies.
Early work in locomotion focused on the steady state, then tried to extend that to handle disturbances.
And since testosterone has pretty much the same effect across all species, her results probably extend to humans as well.
Now the race is on to figure out what protects some animals and to extend that protection to others.
Their cheeks don't extend far enough forward so they have to use a different technique: lapping.
In some extremely severe cases the damage may extend past the dermis to the subcutaneous layer of skin.
But note that they didn't really extend their findings much with speculation.
They waited until the bug started to extend its bloodsucking snout before plucking it off.
The critical piece is that anti-aging medicine would likely also extend the reduced quality years.
Likewise, you'll have to extend the exclusion zone to account for large cities with tall buildings.
It would be a setback for basic rights that would extend the struggle for decades.
The benefits of road trains extend beyond being able to sing along to the radio or eat breakfast in the privacy of your car.
But researchers have known for decades that human pheromonal effects extend beyond vibes and preferences to basic physiology.
They absolutely destroyed my life, my daughters life and the lives the extend from us.
But cyclic cosmologies simply extend it over an infinite number of cycles, without any explanation.
Scientists also address the limitations of their theories and define and try to extend the range of applicability.

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