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Example sentences for extemporaneous

The old man was then in his 90's, yet he provided detailed extemporaneous narration of 30 years of celluloid family history.
The conventions are only weeks away now and some delegates already have their extemporaneous, speeches memorized.
What would be unreasonable would be to expect someone to be perfect in an extemporaneous situation such as the classroom.
You are talking about a low-fidelity, decades-old recording of an extemporaneous conversation.
He faced his audience with resolute eyes and spoke with extemporaneous verve, in methodical detail.
He has many admirable qualities, but extemporaneous exposition is not one of them.
Then the President introduced an extemporaneous paragraph into his prepared text.
He rose to make a speech, and extemporaneous biblical eloquence would pour forth.
The kids looked surprised — the past 15 minutes hadn't been extemporaneous after all.
The speech was extemporaneous and is not included in his published papers.
Due to this fact extemporaneous formulations of omeprazole are administered to these infants.

Famous quotes containing the word extemporaneous

Boswell's Johnson is the word made flesh... an extemporaneous man talking himself into the thick of every o... more
The life of a wise man is most of all extemporaneous, for he lives out of an eternity which includes all ti... more
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