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The extant literature on this view is substantial .
Some of the disparity stems from the Puritan strain extant even in the literary precincts of our culture.
Of course, the extant of that relationship is not yet known.
The goal was to determine the ranges of currently extant species.
No images of her as a young woman are extant.
The fact remains that there is only 1 copy extant.
Over the last decade, almost all of her extant writings have been translated and published or reprinted.
Some questions may be difficult to answer unequivocally based on extant data.
The rule of law must be extant before one can enforce law and order.
Some 60 of his sonnets, most of them in a burlesque vein, are extant.
The lack of extant monuments from these years is one reason for this elision.
We must move our selves from the extant past and look at life as being as old as the creator.
No definitive data exist, he says, but the majority of the extant evidentiary scraps support their side.
Or one could choose from among the forty or so extant calendars worldwide.
Let's go through the extant familiar forms of political dissent more rigorously.
The original steps were not extant, so he created new ones.
About eighty of these were performed, forty of which are extant, and they belong usually to the type known as romantic tragedy.
One of these is extant in the new edition of his works.
The first, the acts of which are extant under his name in the editions of the councils, is certainly genuine.
Head and neck posture in sauropod dinosaurs inferred from extant animals.
To further illustrate the point, he includes two x-rays of extant rabbits to show the extreme curve their necks make.
Even our wildest monsters are, upon closer inspection, usually a mere fusion of extant lifeforms and their parts.
The successful reintroduction could offer lessons for the reintroduction of other extant species.
But somehow, it appears that only one lineage survived to rapidly diversify into modern extant eukaryotes.
Then you won't have to cry because free money isn't always extant.
Regions where lineages have been extant the longest should have the highest variation.
However, modern science does allow us to draw some perfectly reasonable conclusions about our extant theories of the universe.
The fact is that human normal variation is subject to some constraints in terms of function and extant genetic variation.
Physicists are constrained from discovery by extant theory.
The leather scroll is believed to be the second-oldest extant version of the commandments.

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