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The message is that his body is a finely tuned instrument over which he has exquisite control.
Plus, he has some beautiful photos of more exquisite examples.
Her photography is exquisite and her storytelling magical.
Science is an exquisite blend of data and theory.
At first glance the objects appear crafted by ancient artisans; the detail is exquisite.
The exquisite can be compelling, but generally only in small doses.
He tasted the cheese and discovered the taste to be exquisite.
The intellectual context of the article is exquisite.
Today's pastry chefs use innovative and imaginative combinations of flavors and textures to produce exquisite desserts.
The French decorate with sugar bonbons and exquisite paper ornaments.
The wood is spruce from the Alps and contoured with exquisite care.
Her matching headpiece, which she also made, was exquisite.
Try its special hot chocolate, along with exquisite confections.
On the menu are seven different types of ceviche, all equally exquisite.
The hotel offers the finest luxurious accommodations, exquisite service and stunning city views from its rooftop terrace.
The tension between innocence and prurience is exquisite, if not unprecedented.
Make and package these exquisite chocolates yourself.
At any other time of the year, our birds are exquisite looking.
No one has ever accused me of being extravagant, but buying this exquisite little urn came close.
There is exquisite irony in the fact that they must now learn from others how to redefine and pursue that same goal in new ways.
But this doesn't explain the exquisite artistry that went into so many of them.
One university press's book recalled at the insistence of an employee at another academic press presents an exquisite irony.
Your eyes are exquisite light detectors, determining the intensity, color and spatial distribution of the rays incident on them.
Optical frequency comb applications require exquisite control of light across a broad spectrum of frequencies.
Suppose someone built a seemingly exquisite computer compared to the rest of todays technology.
Few pre-modern records give us so exquisite a view of a personality.
If ever he suffered a moment from that form of exquisite self-indulgence called writer's block, there is no record of it.
Groups of reporters sometimes gather in these places for small dinner parties over mediocre wine but otherwise exquisite meals.
He and his friends founded two arts magazines, and he was a partner in a publishing house that produced exquisite books.
All that remains of his lifetime of work are fifty photographs of these rare and exquisite creatures.
The orchids were exquisite and the show displays were magnificent.
Its light flesh cooks up in about five minutes and makes exquisite buttermilk biscuits.
In vivid colors, the murals were sometimes bold and threatening, sometimes exquisite and sacred.
So it's a big rock, and we're now seeing it in exquisite detail.
The exquisite preservation of these corpses comes courtesy of some peculiar bog chemistry.
They perform complex developmental tasks, tasks that require precise dosage and exquisite timing.
Nevertheless, their movies can be exquisite torture.
To that end, ten years ago this bioengineer invented a microscope to study in exquisite detail how cells freeze and thaw.
Thus the exquisite use of interferometry to detect them over long baselines.
The cantilever that launches air bags, for instance, can also be used as an exquisite chemical sensor.
And deny them in such an exquisite illustration of ignorance.
There are many thousands of exquisite transitional fossils.
Some are exquisite, others monstrous, but all are quick-change artists that can alter their appearance in a flash.
There could be no more exquisite sensation than diving into that water.
In addition to the exquisite bird watching, fall brings other outdoor temptations to this adventure-packed island.
Many are small and exquisite, made to be held in the hand and admired at leisure.
But his clothes, however outré, were usually redeemed by wonderful colours and exquisite tailoring.
Rather it is exquisite, ethereal in its handling of colour and form.
Despite the relentless advance of designer clothes boutiques surrounding it, it retains an exquisite air of real life.
But its sensitivity enables it to capture exquisite detail, even in shadows.
The two features are complementary, a testament to the exquisite piece of evolutionary engineering that is the brain.
The scale on these kits is pretty small, though, so don't expect exquisite detail.
The exquisite paint-job, iridescent in the shimmering sun, is rivaled only by the clean lines of your ride.
We felt that it was exquisite enough and different enough.
The dishes are exquisite enough for any dinner party, and there's usually a good reason behind the extra effort and ingredients.
The duck's roasted bones are simmered into an exquisite milky broth.
There is nothing that belongs to the cooking tradition of his country that he cannot realize-and with exquisite finesse.
Even his little weaknesses and touches of vanity, recorded with exquisite humour are the defects of his qualities.
But his consistent provincialism is saved from being disagreeable by his exquisite honesty.
There are many exquisite songs, often original and highly idiosyncratic.
Tiffany's in the window didn't have jewels but exquisite airplane parts.
It's a kind of subdued magic, controlled and exquisite.
Its surface was covered with exquisite incised calligraphy.
And from a curatorial standpoint, many of the objects they housed were exquisite.
The timing was exquisite, the studio audience exploded with laughter.
She has exquisite skin, a perfect little nose, dazzling white teeth.
Please, television, don't be lured into the exquisite trap of being fooled by your own mystique.
Their sense of smell is exquisite, the better to sniff seals at their breathing holes under the ice.
Again and again he added little details that were exquisite.
The resulting picture is exquisite and gets beneath the surface of every detail.
The interface is exquisite, with photos and logos rather than endless rows of plain text.
Whether or not such an exquisite piece of intelligence equipment should be on the open ocean is another question.
He awakens to feel not only exquisite relief that he was dreaming but determined to walk the line.
According to ancient records, the tomb was a repository of exquisite antiquity.
Writers adore this subject, this time of exquisite romantic suffering.
The floral bead detailing was exquisite, and it really made the dress look feminine.
Each card features an exquisite compilation of unique engraved vignettes focusing on the age-old art of intaglio printing.
We can relive great events and everyday life in exquisite detail.

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