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Expulsion means a student is never permitted to return, while dismissal means a student may reapply after a specified period.
One big question raised by the new study is whether any life could survive expulsion from its planetary clan.
Many families had been abruptly separated during the chaos of expulsion.
Secrecy violators can be punished with fines, loss of seniority and even expulsion.
Entering law students are told outright that cheating will result in expulsion.
Water is reabsorbed into the body while the feces are moved into the rectum to await expulsion.
The first is that repression, expulsion and restrictions on free speech do little to end terrorism.
The feces are moved into the rectum to await expulsion.
Contractual clauses call for termination and expulsion from the project in case of material breach.
Expulsion is out of balance, especially when you consider that other law breakers are allowed to stay.
Some have compared me to a gaseous expulsion from the lower rectum.
Cheaters typically risk disciplinary action that could include expulsion, university officials say.
Jimmy is incorrigible, and needs the shock of expulsion.
All versions agreed that the expulsion was brutal, sudden, and comprehensive.
She fought the expulsion for several years by getting influential people to intervene.
Orders of the government prohibited the expulsion of the negroes from the protection of the army, when they came in voluntarily.
They elevate and invert the lower end of the rectum after it has been protruded and everted during the expulsion of the feces.
He was censured, but the necessary two-thirds vote for expulsion could not be secured.
In fact, quite often the biggest shock is expulsion from one's family or cultural group.
But aside from limited instances, such as the expulsion of a member, it does not follow that the founders wanted supermajorities.
Those who publish in-depth stories on controversial issues face expulsion.
Suspension and expulsion proceedings for children with disabilities.
And he faces expulsion from the party he has worked for all his life.
Aid workers there speak only anonymously, for fear of expulsion.
The committee unanimously recommended his expulsion.
The important sentence is that the party would split down the middle if the national executive reversed his expulsion.
Long before that, there is the history of blood accusation, pogrom and expulsion.

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