expropriation in a sentence

Example sentences for expropriation

Private construction of housing here has virtually ground to a halt because of fears of government expropriation.
One would thus expect more expropriation rather than less.
It has increased the tax on unfarmed land, and speeded up expropriation procedures.
The fictional tale of land expropriation and eviction seemed to cut too close to the bone.
Shares in the risky but fast economies perform badly because they have higher risk of expropriation.
Others want to keep their money safe from expropriation by fickle governments, and hidden from thieving criminals.
And even if expropriation is avoided, there are difficulties.
It is individual liberty and reaping the reward of your efforts versus elitism and expropriation by the elites.
And what they ultimately face is nationalistic expropriation of their businesses.
Traditionally, a taking has been defined as an actual expropriation of property.
The government calculated and agreed to pay a fair expropriation price.
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