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Example sentences for expropriate

In other words, it wants to be able to expropriate the inventor's intellectual property.
And by controlling the law, the scholars could limit the ability of the executive to expropriate the property of private citizens.
They are rightly angry when outsiders expropriate what they consider to be their land and resources.
Fifth, the candidates are measured on how much wealth they were able to expropriate through their charge as a national leader.
They may have made a big loan to an infrastructure project, which the government might seek to expropriate, for example.
The government reserves the right to expropriate land at any time for public use.
Otherwise an individual is not permitted to expropriate currency and it will be confiscated at the point of departure.
The work of translation might thus be said to carry a double duty: to expropriate oneself as one appropriates the other.
The current market conditions conspire to expropriate the right of the consumer to enjoy a full flavored, rich cup of coffee.

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