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Example sentences for expressly

Apply aluminum sulfate, which is often packaged expressly for hydrangeas, following label directions.
Today, the monkeys bathe in two main pools dug expressly for their use, or in the hot-spring-fed stream that runs nearby.
The motion also did not expressly address the involvement of the valedictorian in the graduation ceremony.
But only a brave few have engineered tissues expressly for the purpose of making hamburger.
They also expressly made laws that create the guidelines and handle the enforcement.
In this case these claims are expressly attributed to the claimant.
Neither of those two decisions ruled expressly on government's power to restrict corporate electioneering.
The historical memory law is expressly directed at the victims' descendants.
Many of these are expressly intended to help profits as well as do good.
Many modern universities were created expressly on these utilitarian grounds.
The company says its policies expressly bar discrimination and promote diversity.
Or how any sovereign government is supposed to react to an independent armed party expressly dedicated to it's overthrow.
As expressly noted earlier, such an aggregation device might well choose another device to be used thereafter.
Additionally, all stays require a two-night minimum, while pets and parties are expressly forbidden.
It should be forbidden to buy, cell or create embryos expressly for research.
Indeed, many tourists travel to the country expressly to see them.
To expressly consider compounding in the present survey of types would be to complicate our problem unduly.
We see that the author throws them expressly into palpable follies and marked contradictions.
Nor must it be forgotten that he expressly specified elective aristocracy.
By accessing this web site, you are expressly consenting to these monitoring activities.
By using this system, the user expressly consents to such monitoring and recording.
By using this system you expressly consent to all such auditing, inspection and disclosure.
Anyone using this service expressly consents to such monitoring.
Any transfer of data obtained as a result of a fee exemption is prohibited unless expressly authorized by the court.
Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring.

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