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Example sentences for expound

It's the one when the university comes together to hear a great intellect expound on a topic of lasting importance.
We need not expound on this doctrine in great detail, as it plainly does not apply here.
True basketball lovers will use any opportunity to expound on the meaning of the game.
Maybe I'll expound on those at some point in the near future.
Asked to expound, he shakes his head.
Don't expound or elaborate needlessly.
Burke didn't wish to expound on why his wife chose not to attend the proceedings.
Two new volumes explore and expound on the bond between fathers and daughters.
They were to expound the verities of economic liberalism and let the politicians come to them, rather than the other way round.
Don't expound fallacies next time and a discussion might actually occur.
He fills in biographical gaps and needlessly digresses to expound his own well-known political views.
Voters can expect to hear him expound a lot more on both these points in the coming months.
But my thanks for giving me a chance to expound on my point.
Readers expect a short review to faithfully report, not expound upon, the results.
Expound on the evidence and let the strength of the evidence convince everybody.
Though he is animated by ideas, he would never plop two characters on a sofa and have them expound rival philosophies.
They can criticise and expound verses, and invent theories of poetics, and compile anthologies.
Staff happily expound on the virtues of the cheaper wines and spirits they sell, alongside the rarest vintages.
Expound on your positive character traits and think about what you would look for in an employee.
Those who apply the rule to particular cases, must of necessity expound and interpret that rule.
They can outline statistics, provide the history of a movement or organization, or expound on other details.
It is helpful to expound a little bit on the locations for contraction joints in a concrete slab.
We decline the opportunity to expound on the origins of our federal judiciary.

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