expository in a sentence

Example sentences for expository

However, he too often employs lengthy expository quotes and protracted stretches of trial transcript.
The words, which were given to music, have only an expository value.
He avoids artiness, writes clear expository prose and has the ability to create real people.
The constant stream of expository dialogue becomes laughable after a while.
They spill out expository prose from start to finish.
In places the narrative turns expository, in order to aid readers wishing to role-play in the setting.
The slangy urban narrative style serves the story well, diminished only by choppy, expository writing.
The expository level is consistently high, the material is well organized, and the format is most pleasing.
You might also consider taking a course in expository writing.
Many of the stories stand well alone, but some take a meandering expository path to recount a history or explain a term.
But whatever expository value this thought-experiment may turn out to have, this should not blind us to its artificiality.
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