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Mining exposed the sulfides and eventually made the tailings as acidic as battery acid and full of heavy metals such as arsenic.
The attempt to manipulate public sentiment, exposed by a rare whistle-blower, angered the public and energised the media.
It has not yet taken even basic measures to reduce possible damage to public health in areas exposed to herbicides.
The new material, a porous foam made from a nickel-manganese-gallium alloy, stretches slightly when exposed to a magnetic field.
The fibers are made of a polymer that is embedded with light-emitting molecules, which light up when exposed to an electric field.
T he controversy over genes and patents has exposed widespread public confusion over the relevant meaning of both.
Exposed pipes run between the ceiling and floor, where a thin rug covers a large burn spot.
It is better educated, highly urbanised, far more exposed to the outside world and much less patient.
Salt water can catch a flame when exposed to certain radio waves, a chemist has confirmed.
Plus, being exposed to cosmic radiation for years and years and years cannot be a good lifestyle choice.
The exposed pipe ties into the bathroom plumbing on the other side of the wall.
Personnel simply can't spend much time at the reactor site without getting exposed to dangerous levels of radioactivity.
Anything less will be exposed as inadequate the instant it is put to the test.
At times, they have been exposed to more radiation in a few hours than they are supposed to endure in a year.
People of the north were farmers themselves, and it's possible that they had been exposed to smallpox.
The warmth of a sunburn generally stems from increased blood flow to the exposed site.
Some were exposed to low-level cosmic radiation, and others to both cosmic and unfiltered solar radiation.
The school stands to lose millions in administrative income from lost grants if they allow things to be exposed.
The global financial crisis exposed critical weaknesses in western economies.
Americans were exposed to varying levels depending on their residence, age, and food consumption.
The exposed internal structure was compact, uniform, and smooth.
These tame looking fruits, which are from last year's bloom, open up the day after they're exposed to warm indoor temperatures.
Once the engine has started, remove the starter wire from the circuit and cover its exposed tip.
To live by faith is to live with that vulnerability, that soft belly, exposed.
Almost four years later, the presumptuousness of that commitment has been thoroughly exposed.
Exposed eggs are no longer viable, but they still support life.
There's a good reason for painting the exposed bark of citrus.
In general, the warmer the air above a glacier becomes the faster exposed ice will melt.
The test results will set off a scramble to plug the gaps exposed by regulators.
The same damage may occur in city dwellers exposed to normal air, the researchers say.
The researchers wondered what might be happening to bacteria in the environment exposed to these drugs.
Place the containers outside where they will be exposed to the elements.
The episode has exposed an enormous communications gap between the two countries.
The third group was not exposed to any manipulation.
Thrashing wind and waves had exposed boulders on her property with mysterious markings.
If exposed to sunshine or dry air, the root hairs quickly shrivel and die.
When someone had been exposed to valeric acid, for example, he tended to react negatively to a face.
The ants attacked the exposed cedar trees, but the protected trees went unscathed.
They chose to shock those fully clothed significantly more often than those exposed above the waist.
Indeed, hydrogen produced by exposed and overheated fuel might have been the cause of it.
Fresh craters on the moon appear bright because material is newly exposed.
Commercial offset printers switched to computer-to-plate techniques, where the plate material is exposed directly by laser.
Its drop has exposed different flaws in each country.
The plants were more exposed to sunlight and air, so they were less troubled by mildew and other diseases.
Shape-shifting polymers that change form when exposed to light are in the works.
Unless they include adjuncts, teaching awards are a total sham and should be exposed as such.
These ceramics were literally exposed on the floor of this structure.
However, many do not realize that they should also be sealing their exposed concrete slabs for the same reasons.
All vegetation was torn away, leaving mud and red dirt exposed.
Squeeze a lemon over them, using your fingers to coat any exposed parts of the fruit.
The credit crisis has exposed the risks of an unbalanced economy.
The truth is, it can be dangerous to be that vulnerable and exposed.
Of course, there's also plenty of chances for a smoker to become exposed prior to lighting up.
If it wasn't for tennis, none of my kids would be exposed to that.
As a control, the researchers also exposed chickadees to a perched bobwhite quail, a non-predatory species.
Scientists believe this line is liquid lava that becomes exposed as the solidifying crust breaks up along the caldera's walls.
Don't take a chance, we're exposed to so many chemicals as it is.
The scientists exposed the lobsters to one of three chemical compounds: ink, opaline, or hydrogen peroxide.
Fish exposed to the noise of speedboats were less efficient at finding, catching and holding on to prey.
There are great pictures of coal seams exposed way up on the sides of mountains.
Hundreds more may lie beneath an exposed layer of jumbled fossils.
Children who had been exposed to alcohol and cigarettes while in the womb were also excluded.
When the nerves in human teeth are exposed to cold the result can be excruciating.
The scientists exposed polished pieces of carbonado to extremely intense infrared light.
As the body is exposed to small amounts of the local pollen through the honey, it gradually builds a tolerance.
One chimp that was exposed for three minutes, however, showed lasting behavioral changes.
Those exposed to rudeness words were much more likely to interrupt the experimenter in a subsequent part of the task.
Although the crisis has exposed bitter divisions among economists, it could still be good for economics.
There were the eyes in their sockets staring up at me, the tiny teeth in their jaws, and the nasal cavities exposed.
In these approaches, the algae are grown in ponds or bioreactors where they are exposed to sunlight and make their own sugar.
Liquid crystals have long been known to be capable of photoluminescence--the ability to emit light when exposed to photons.
Conventional solar cells produce electricity when a photovoltaic material is exposed to light.
When exposed to blue light, these proteins open membrane channels, letting in sodium and calcium ions.
Now, new research shows that certain organic molecules produce voltage when exposed to heat.
When exposed to blood, it repels nearly all clotting proteins that try to stick to it.
There have been reports that enough water remains in the reactors for cooling, and to prevent the nuclear fuel from being exposed.
Each cell is lined with either a red, green or blue phosphor, a material that glows when exposed to radiation.
When delivered to the brain or eyes via gene therapy, the protein sits on the cell membrane and opens when exposed to light.
When a pattern of ultraviolet light is projected on this layer, the material solidifies only where it's been exposed to the light.
Areas exposed to light gelled, while those under the cutout did not.
But when exposed to infrared light, the chemicals in the screen fluoresce.
Whatever it is, the metallic object must be carefully exposed to reveal its form and color.
With chemical looping, the coal isn't exposed directly to air.
Psychologically healthy people thus exposed themselves to serious risks for a benefit that now appears to have been overrated.
He left some meat exposed and other pieces under muslin.
For one, the parties have exposed their positions to the point where they lack negotiating space.
He said that he had never seen her looking so exposed- and that as a portrait it was a stronger cover.
If the detonator is exposed, they may continue firing to dislodge or destroy it.
Some of the poorest places in the world have been suddenly exposed to the discipline of the market.
They wrapped the bodies of the dead in plastic and ice and left them exposed and photographed.
They wanted to re-create the bar on a more lavish scale, with exposed brick and antique fixtures.
He was fingerprinted and asked to hand over his rolls of exposed film, which he refused to do.
They become puffy and bright red and start to recede, leaving more and more of the tooth's root exposed.
As for her trainee, he was photographed with milk-white shanks exposed unkindly to the elements.
It was only when his remains were identified that these lies were fully exposed.
Doctors might then better understand how to prevent such harm and how to treat patients exposed to deleterious chemicals.
Not everyone who gets this common virus becomes obese, and not everyone who is obese has been exposed to this virus.
They exposed more of the fossil from its limestone slab and carefully compared its skeleton with those of snakes and lizards.
Those not exposed to family during this period will never identify them.
One serious abnormality after another has been reported in wildlife that have been exposed to a highly contaminated environment.
When all the cell cultures are exposed to the drug, only the cells with the knockout gene survive.
There, researchers use an adjustable shutter to control how long objects are exposed to the beam.
The big corrections are dose rate, type of radiation, and the differences between the populations who are exposed.
But the terminator trait is dormant until the seed is exposed to an activating agent, tetracycline.
She didn't think she'd been exposed to anyone with the disease, but she couldn't be sure.
The olfactory system is the only place where nerve cells in the brain are exposed to the external environment, he says.
Dealers sell out of fenced-in backyards, not on exposed street corners.
Then it is exposed in another box to the fumes of the bromide of lime until it becomes of a blood-red tint.
It wasn't long, of course, before that folly was exposed.
They also were less wary of predators in exposed spaces.
Remove the top pan so that the pie crust bottom is exposed.
Now they are left exposed by their bylines and handles.

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