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Such items are not permitted to be taken abroad without an export license from the antiquities agency.
Better roads and railways would help farmers get their produce to cities and enable manufacturers to export their goods abroad.
One of the unintended side effects of colonialism was the export.
It is a local tourist center and an export point.
After all, the cheesesteak is Philadelphia's most famous culinary export.
The card will also import home movies, but will not export them.
The economy is heavily dependent on the extraction and processing of minerals for export.
Higher crude oil prices countered declining oil production and led to higher budgetary and export receipts.
He could neither export any of the produce of his country, nor import what he needed.
It helped the economy, too, by freeing up more grain for export.
The incentives are for new production and the disposal or export of old components.
Today, ninety-eight per cent of his production is for export.
But the bulk water export market has yet to come together.
It is under this guise only that the product has been bonded for universal export.
If that trend continues, it will deaden the possibility of an export-driven recovery.
Prices for winter wheat are soaring because of export controls and bad weather in certain parts of the country.
The products rolling out of the factories were generally too shabby for profitable export.
The lack of export and sharing features had been our only real gripe with this otherwise excellent app.
US have export restrictions on exporting supercomputers.
Easy solution, mandate a common format that all hospitals etc must be able to export data to and import data from.
All of the major services allow you to export your data, and you should do so, frequently.
The new version of the cultural-export business seems to me largely market driven.
Many of those jobs are easy to export to countries with far lower standards of living.
Traditional economic development focuses on export industries without regard to local preferences.
Meanwhile, your entire article focuses on how you're going to export this around the world.
Others said that it was possible to export their virtual properties, and that there were services that would do it for a fee.
But this is one particular export that simply carries too high a tariff.
We can't export people as fast as they can procreate.
And crack down on copyright piracy and the export of contaminated products.
US-made electric cars face a maze of export restrictions.
So its safely to say, their export products will change the world.
The project in this case would probably be used both for captive and export purpose.
In many export industries, particularly steel, margins are already wafer-thin.
He knows that the biggest single obstacle to fabulous wealth in the region is the lack of export pipelines.
The increase in export orders should soon translate into higher export sales.
At the same time many of them are feeling the effects of globalisation in their domestic and export markets.
But now grain importers there have had to pledge that they will not re-export.
Many countries also export workers who send back remittances.
It can provide work for rural people and is a primary export of many developing countries.
It's one of many so-called micro-nations-curious places where, if they actually exist, the chief export seems to be hyperbole.
Timber and uncut diamonds are sources of export revenue.
Peanuts from the drought-prone interior are an important export.
While oil earnings have helped fund industrial expansion, fluctuations in prices of export commodities have forced austerity.
His office is redolent with vanilla, owing to his adjacent warehouse, filled with bundles awaiting export.
The region could also become one of the richest export producers of fresh salmon, frozen salmon, and caviar.
Its economy is growing, helped by its garment-export industry.
Over time, it may be able to export the ideas and innovations to others.
If given land, they grow what they need to eat, not crops for export.
Those who remained lost their land and often went hungry as the state requisitioned food for export.
Desirable full-size spare meant for export models only.
Smoked salmon, a major export, is often served for breakfast with scrambled eggs.

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