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The human mind is a direct exponent of the source of life.
Darwin could not have asked for a more talented exponent in the television age.
Now, however, there's only one known exponent who has the necessary patience and skill.
He was the most prominent exponent of the Gothic revival.
She became the most influential German exponent of expressive.
He is certainly a powerful exponent of musical theater.
He might now be hailed as an early exponent of globalization.
That's my inclination, too, as a less successful exponent of the same theory.
He was drawn into the current of revolutionary politics and became a leading exponent of their ideas.
As you can see, maximum complexity and polity size seems to be strongly contingent upon the scaling exponent.
Deplore capitalism, if you want to do that, but don't pick on its exemplary exponent as though it is somehow cheating.
These trials have been the exponent or the explosion, as you will, of anti-Semitism and of militarism.
The exponent is a real number that can be positive or negative.
The exponent is the whole number part of the log, the part before the decimal point.

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