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It is extremely important to know the difference between a legal consumer firework and a dangerous explosive device.
Of course the conflict is political, otherwise it is not viewed as important and explosive as it is now.
Evidence of giants simply is too explosive for the current paradigm to handle.
Few issues have proved as politically explosive in the presidential primaries as immigration.
Beneath the laboratory curiosities lurked an explosive idea.
Overblown verbs, explosive nouns, beautifully bungled prepositions.
The former is a rather dull game by comparison because it is slower and nowhere near as explosive.
We are on the cusp of explosive growth in innovation.
There are several reasons for this explosive growth.
Scrutinising the progress in other realms of modern technology, he found the same explosive growth.
One of them had, by then, already produced explosive charges.
How explosive this proves, or even whether the leak happens, remains to be seen.
Explosive offense was all the rage during the regular season.
She vomited uncontrollably and suffered explosive diarrhea.
He then submitted legislation requesting tracing agents be put into commercially available explosive components.
Some fission products were placed in the explosive so that radioactive traces could be measured.
Instead of being filled with explosive carcinogenic gasoline it will be filled with electrons and metals that can be recycled.
One wonders if the on-going measures to halt the explosive increase of drug users taken by the governments are bearing fruit.
But over time, such batteries generate oxyhydrogen, an explosive gas.
But while some cities are experiencing explosive growth, others are shrinking.
We are entering that explosive part of the technological evolution curve right now.
Goodman's letter is being described as explosive, and that's certainly fair.
He could almost visualize himself tiptoeing past something explosive.
Despite the grim subject, it's a sweet-tempered movie, with moments of explosive humor-an entertainment.
Apparently, these jets are a common feature of the explosive dispersal of particles.
The physicists set up a video camera and repeated the experiment--with the same explosive results.
They had to outsmart and outperform fish, which are more agile and explosive and maneuverable.
The bigger the rock, and the faster it moves, the more explosive energy it releases.
The aim of this investigation is the optimization of explosive effects by varying of the explosive depth and charge.
At this stage the situation had become so explosive that the adults intervened.
It was impossible, of course, not to be swept up in the explosive rapidity of events.
When one legend writes about another, the result is bound to be explosive.
Waiting until crisis forced one's hand and making it all the more expensive and potentially explosive.
And this is important for grasping the explosive potentiality of recovered memory allegations.
They liked his good-natured if explosive and unpredictable manner.
For example, the nuclear explosive deemed necessary to destroy a silo is a purely theoretical calculation.
The gunman locks and loads, strafes the reservation with explosive shells.

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