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Witnesses said a huge explosion sent billows of smoke over the area and spread panic.
There are many reasons for the information explosion.
The terrific noise it emitted was an explosion which made it erupt several fragments of volcanic materials.
They'll benefit from fall and winter rains and produce an explosion of bloom in springtime.
Astronomers have witnessed a cosmic explosion so strange they don't even know what to call it.
Third, he admits that there might also be a bit of an explosion in administrators and service personnel.
The explosion demolished four buildings and shattered windows in a large area.
Even the site of the explosion seems to be bursting with life.
The explosion appears to have been caused by a buildup of methane.
As he and his crew navigated through the darkness, a fiery explosion lit up the skyline.
We have now lost too many acres not to recognize an exponential explosion of plants.
In the last few years, there has been an explosion of interest in serious amateur rocketry.
Officials say the explosion was caused by an electrical malfunction.
The rise of the cloud has also created an explosion of other consumer-focused web services.
The heat of the explosion will instantly evaporate any water.
The instant the hot sphere reaches the critical temperature is marked an explosion of tiny bubbles.
The cause of more untenured instructors, and thus the ratio of untenured-to-tenured, is the explosion in college enrollment.
The fire was put out by drenching the reactor's core with water, a risky operation that could have caused a hydrogen explosion.
But the explosion was also unexpectedly sideways, causing the collapse of the fractured north side of the volcano.
The gas cloud radiating from the source of one burst carried with it the telltale by-products of a supernova explosion.
The explosion was soon followed by a lava flow erupted from the widened central vent.
The explosion of social media should be reserved for social and not professional correspondence.
The explosion in commercial archaeology has brought a flood of information.
The ash content of the explosion is clearly visible.
Let's remember that serious intellectuals appeared on national television shows all the time back before the cable explosion.
There seems to be an explosion of concern over animal welfare these days.
The microbarographs measured changes in atmospheric pressure, and were particularly well-suited to detecting a nuclear explosion.
But one of the things that makes that so difficult to do is the explosion of non-tenure, full-time positions on campuses.
Fragments of the new material are blown into the target by the missile's explosion.
The confirmation kicked off an explosion in extrasolar planet hunting.
The mix of moonlight, tide, and temperature triggers an extraordinary explosion of life in these waters.
The volcano had been dormant for centuries and didn't give any warnings of the catastrophic explosion to come.
The biggest shift in the media landscape post-9/11 was the explosion of blogs and online citizen journalists.
The size of the proto-solar system and its distance from the explosion determine how much of that radioactive ejecta mingles in.
The resulting explosion and fires killed four crew members.
We are not part of the long term population explosion.
But these hiccups make for good reading, as is clear from the explosion of books on the subject.
They used a series of tightly wound, current-carrying metal coils that are rapidly compressed by an explosion.
Two different teams of astronomers studied a brief but powerful flash of light, called a gamma-ray burst, from the star explosion.
He dropped it, there was an invisible, inaudible explosion of neutrons but everybody knew.
Instead there was an explosion of large drinking dens.
When applied to steel, the polymer spreads out the shock of an explosion and helps prevent impacted material from shattering.
Constantly improving technology has led to an explosion of corporate data.
Then stand back and wait for the inevitable explosion.
Almost every change is a revolution, every expansion an explosion.
The explosion of information and information delivery systems meant that library science was exploding, too.
Dozens of witnesses reported having seen an ascending flare that culminated in an explosion.
Yet for more than sixty years the technology behind the explosion has remained a state secret.
The presidential suite is an explosion of gold, purple, marble and opulence.
Farming brought a population explosion, protein and vitamin deficiency, new diseases and deforestation.
Less agreeable is the explosion of public debt and the acceleration of a decades-long trend: financial concentration.
It telephoned three warnings in the hour before the explosion.
It worries that a slowing economy might trigger an explosion of discontent among the fast-growing ranks of the unemployed.
Its only nuclear explosion was thought a damp squib.
It would, however, increase the risk of an explosion of discontent should the economy slow down.
Imagine now if that radiation werent confined to a few houses, but were spread over the city by an explosion.
It is not an explosion of an object in space, but an expansion of space itself.
Almost lost in the withering scale of this calamity is the initial lives lost in the explosion.
Inconsistent theories prove anything aka deductive explosion.
Here's why: shock waves from the explosion left cracks in rock near the surface.
If there is a low level of flu in the community, a school would be a logical site for an explosion of the viral population.
During or after a recharge, the battery might generate enough hydrogen gas to cause an explosion.
It is more probable, that it existed after the explosion.
The first set of blast waves, a moving wall of highly compressed air that emanates from an explosion, knocked him out briefly.
The sudden presence of abundant food should cause a population explosion, and it has.
Having to incorporate necessary safety measures is all that is required to explain the explosion in reactor costs.
Putting information technology in more hands enabled an explosion of innovation and experimentation.
Finally the primary cause of all our problems is the current population explosion.
The author herself was caught in an explosion and burnt.
If you heat an object to billion degrees instantly that would create a powerful explosion also.
Such deposits can contribute to overheating, battery failure and possibly even a fire or explosion, according to the researchers.
In fact, it should accomplish a more rapid explosion over the multi-generational span in which this evolution will take place.
The hydrogen mixed with oxygen and ignited, triggering a chemical explosion.
The plan is to help the media get a handle on the explosion of personal news.
It also no doubt helped facilitate the population explosion of the past century.
At high enough densities, this chain reaction of neutron-induced fission can produce a nuclear explosion.
It will culminate the next morning with the loudest explosion in human history.
Because pretty much anyone who sees the home screen has access to the explosion of personal data spewing out there.
Our world has seen an explosion of new challenges, vital challenges.
The top photos show each region before the explosion.
Not even though columns of noxious gas and the nervous tracings of seismographs signal an imminent explosion.
Researchers witnessed a spectacular, fiery underwater volcano explosion, and captured it on video.
After such an explosion blows a star's outer layers into space, the core remains-but it no longer produces nuclear fusion.
The x-rays, for instance, have helped astronomers get a better picture of the geometry of the explosion.
Only locations such as the heart of the sun or the center of a nuclear explosion are hotter.
The other two stairwells in the south tower were wrecked by the explosion.
But others said that the explosion, as described by witnesses, seemed consistent with the possible detonation of a bomb.
But the explosion of facts that need to be categorized demands a growing number of parochial subdivisions within any given field.
The small explosion that results pushes the piston down, turning the crankshaft and propelling the car.
The explosion instantly killed thirty-eight people who were standing and sitting at nearby tables.
At the same time there was an explosion of unrestrainedly sensual art and literary experimentation.
There is that scene with the long, drawn out explosion where clothes are on fire.
Covers fire and explosion prevention through the regulation of conditions that could cause a fire or explosion.
Data are given for the effect of finely divided aluminum powder and copper chromite additives on explosion limits.

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