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These theories of systematic fraud are really unfounded fears being exploited to threaten the franchise.
We are constantly exploited by the tools meant to foil our exploitation.
There are lots of ways that being exploited can add up to learning a lot about outdoor photography.
However, these capabilities can be exploited by anyone with access to suitably equipped drones.
But then, poor people get poor mainly because they are exploited by rich people.
There are three main frontiers in vehicle design to be exploited.
At the same time, he has exploited the heightened tension to silence critics at home.
But the lack of such proof of ownership meant they were often unable to defend their territories from being occupied or exploited.
Maybe that harmonizing could be exploited for controlling mosquito populations.
There's nothing unreasonable about that policy, but it can be exploited.
Then they exploited the incentives they had paid for.
The landscape in areas not spoiled by beach developments is gorgeous and little exploited for tourism and recreational purposes.
The problem is that it is an herb and cannot be patented and exploited for profit.
It may be a corporate framing of a cultural phenomenon to be exploited.
Lack of government controls has allowed these areas to be invaded and exploited for their natural resources.
But the curtailment of commercial fishing owing to fears over contaminated seafood may hasten the recovery of exploited species.
The line between science, magic and sheer fun is a thin one and that ought to be exploited.
We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery.
The principle is exploited in devices from electric motors to power transformers.
Ask the billion starving humans and billion exploited workers earning less than a dollar a day if they are doing well.
It is unknown if this bug was ever actually exploited.
If it had economic value, then it would have been exploited already.
It can be used to cool metals to such an extent that they become superconductors, an effect that is exploited in brain scanners.
Lots of places are exploited by tourists, but it's a two-way exploitation.
And these same advances are being exploited in a new generation of diesel engines for use in small fixed-wing aircraft.
Others are convinced that immigrant workers are horribly exploited or trapped forever in low-wage jobs.
Politicians say it is exploited to maximise welfare and housing benefits.
Many people are outrageously exploited at work, but interns are not among them.
It's bad enough that some instructors are exploited.
The same back-end billing and accounting software can be exploited to handle all of these accounts.
Their converts were no more than local ruffians who exploited foreign protection to ride roughshod over their countrymen.
Any attempts to take the high road will simply be exploited as a weakness.
The polar bear is being exploited by the eco-fascists as a money raising tool.
It also helps establish who the characters are as well as create sub-plots that can be exploited later.
However, he will continue to fight to keep the market power he has so profitably exploited.
It was known for the torturing and killing that went on within its own ranks-a fact easily exploited by its enemies.
Possessed of an unusually rich pop baritone, he exploited his virile timbre for all of its considerable seductive power.
He was a control freak, who created a proprietorial cash cow, while convincing his exploited customers that he was a saviour.
Its secret police exploited the smallest weakness of anyone who might be useful or threatening.
It is hardly a surprise that the momentum effect has been exploited by some professionals for decades.
Trapped into illegality there, many are exploited and abused.
And it has been cynically exploited by politicians and generals alike.
Gore didn't invent climate change only exploited it.
Eventually they expand can to the point where alternate source could be exploited.
Brown exploited this commonality, and used his software to put the two singers exactly in tune.
They all said, though, that the maintenance of public order had been exploited repeatedly for political reasons.
These tools are also being exploited to undermine human progress and political rights.
The tropics abound with fantastic hydro-energy that is not being exploited.
There's always the under-exploited aerodynamics of delta wings.
Finding the right combination of rare earths in sufficient concentration to be economically exploited is what is uncommon.
These devices are completely open and available to be exploited, a researcher says.
It could also, possibly, be exploited to try to find a cure for the disease.
But over the last two decades, this innovative system was exploited to stunning excess.
The exploited longshoremen were the lowest of the underdogs in the labor movement.
In the past, constructing an organization that exploited hierarchy yet maximized collectivism was nearly impossible.
Crash victims' lawyers gleefully exploited the enmity for settlements.
The study exploited a brain phenomenon called the attentional blink.
His was a movement driven by the cause of the exploited worker and peasant.
If you're a small trader, you were exploited by big sharks with connections to the president.
Some are exploited by employers who pay less than the minimum wage, or nothing at all.
The human side of computer security is easily exploited and constantly overlooked.
In the election he cleverly exploited a legal provision letting voters rank candidates within an electoral block.
From the first, he exploited his boss's penchant for focusing on the big picture in order to control the details.
With it, they could probably be successfully exploited for another five decades.
As a result, in over-exploited waters the fish tend to be smaller and younger.
There is also much to be done to ensure that workers are not exploited, especially in emerging markets.
People depart from rationality, but they do so in ways that can be predicted-and exploited.

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