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Much of it has been clearly determined and explicitly directed to this high aim.
But several justices offered spirited resistance to a more explicitly expansive.
And certainly one walks into dangerous territory when designing tax policies to explicitly redistribute wealth from rich to poor.
Government policies explicitly promote health, well-being, and a balance between work and home life.
Money, on the other hand, is not optional: it's explicitly banned.
Their ads target only the data that users explicitly enter into their profiles.
Some colleges are already amending conduct-code policies to explicitly address social media.
Now, he says, it covers only risks that have been explicitly spelled out.
For a decade their user agreements have explicitly forbidden the use of the seeds for any independent research.
None of which are explicitly creative, but they are things that get to creativity.
After the candidates shook hands, one member had explicitly mentioned the six-inch gap in height.
At the same time, they have become cagier about explicitly revealing in what ways they restrict service.
Her presence would often provoke me to romantic fantasies, as well others of a more explicitly interactive variety.
Ads that use a trademark but link to a page that promotes a competing product are explicitly prohibited.
But politicians have explicitly rejected that approach until the renewable industry matures.
The last few lines explicitly state that this is a state of correlation only.
The first is how long the state will remain so explicitly involved in the industry.
Computers already attempt to do these things, but need to be explicitly programmed for them.
Members of the public are explicitly encouraged to attend.
There are several candidate definitions that people explicitly or implicitly use in books, papers or blog posts on the topic.
Apparently some of the people on this panel had been explicitly rejected from it in previous years.
The private plans are explicitly allowed to negotiate even lower prices if they can.
Almost all the videos in libraries are purchased under contracts that explicitly bar re-copying.
Don't explicitly state any goals, objectives, or hypotheses in your grant proposal.
He thinks managers will start being measured explicitly on how well they keep their team.
Don't let them convince you, either explicitly or implicitly to keep silent.
They are a background that does not need to be explicitly questioned.
With older children, you might talk more explicitly about cultural differences.
The volitional aspect of consciousness also is to some extent explicitly provided for in language.
Explicitly remembered information includes ad slogans, product benefits, and website addresses.
The writer explicitly says that such programming errors might occur with any software.
Meanwhile, some of the fastest-growing sites are those which explicitly cater to their users' ideologies.
Her goal is to raise money for research into treatments explicitly for migraine.
Mine explicitly says that these progress reviews will be used in making retention decisions.
Similarly, you should not send the writing samples or portfolio unless these are explicitly requested.
Address each qualification called for explicitly, in the order listed, matching your language to that of the job description.
So my goal is to get the to use non-gendered language, but not stating it explicitly.
Basically students would have to explicitly argue their case according to the criteria and they could then get the grade.
If you aren't doing so already, you should explicitly and convincingly allay these concerns in your cover letter.
In a for-profit system, the money is explicitly going toward making the administrators richer.
It's a message that is pushed on to us, implicitly and explicitly, from everywhere.
But you didn't question relativity explicitly so don't bother with that exercise.
Sift through your contacts to identify people who might be interested, even though they haven't explicitly opted in.
But then, this was explicitly billed as ideological combat.
My book explicitly argues against any such romance of the oppressed.
It does not explicitly recommend specific criminal charges, but simply lays out the facts.
Until now financial authorities have explicitly rejected that responsibility.
Everybody can understand this when the principle is explained explicitly and patiently.
But up until now it was explicitly not a benefit of the program.
Many of these treaties explicitly rule out immunity for any official, including a former head of state.
Without saying so explicitly, the president implied that it would.
Its economy was explicitly bailed out, as the financial sector benefited hugely by government intervention.
Either that, or they are explicitly sending you a negative message.
We don't usually explicitly flesh out these details.
But, there is a crucial difference: the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere is explicitly a function of temperature.
Treasuries are explicitly backed by the full faith and credit of the government.
On machines that explicitly support it explicitly asynchronous communication is supported.
The time variable may sometimes be explicitly used for plotting the series.

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