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Example sentences for explication

It is a stream of impressions, with no story line, character development or single incontrovertible explication.
Careful explication of complex scientific concepts written in accessible language.
But that is simply to relocate the problem in a phrase that itself demands explication.
But his explication of the text is more often than not pretentious, self-indulgent and in places downright unfathomable.
And the program features a contrived plot synopsis instead of a standard explication of the story.
Paradoxically that makes them less accessible than they would have been through longer, more patient explication.
Then again, it could be that the audience for art has grown explication dependent.
One book delivered a long explication but saved the killer's name for its final two words.
Anticipating understanding prompts exploration, learning, experimentation and explication.
By including such words, even a short poem can invoke a range of emotions without resorting to explication.
His presentations are masterworks of explication that aspire to the level of art.
Content selection and explication tend to be guided primarily by cultural literacy concerns.

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The connection between our knowledge and the abyss of being is still real, and the explication must be not ... more
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