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Grading a paper entails commentary and explanation, an answer key.
The truth was that there was no logical explanation.
The explanation once commonly dispensed in textbooks turns out to be wrong.
Neil's explanation was essentially that the tides are caused by the moon.
Losing fur to cool ourselves is a far more probable explanation.
The explanation of crop circles is widely disputed .
That's about the worst explanation of lenticular clouds I have ever read.
She comes back with swagger and a quick explanation for her reappearance.
This explanation seems far-fetched to me.
Understanding how this makes any sense, though, requires a bit more explanation.
But it turns out that the explanation for the ability of some skinks to snack on the toxic toads is a little more complicated.
All the way back to the knight school he kept rumbling about in his mind seeking an explanation for what had occurred.
Because a motion is undebatable it does not follow that while it is pending the chair may not permit a question or an explanation.
Fermentation is no longer one of those isolated and mysterious phenomena which do not admit of explanation.
Whether one can be satisfied with this explanation is a question.
Examples of this custom have been already given and an explanation of them offered.
Still the right explanation remains to be made about prudence.
No special explanation is needed to show how an imperative of skill is possible.
One might find fault till the last gate closed, one could still explain nothing that needed explanation.
If students don't seem to be doing well, then a professor could try a different explanation.
Don't look to the book, then, for an explanation of hiring trends in academe or for a critique of the faculty-labor system.
My opinion is that the explanation takes away from the thanks.
Most scientific publications are co-authored, so an explanation of co-authorship is necessary in the tenure dossier.
The usual explanation for the existence of the premium ran as follows.
Some have favoured a genetic, hereditary explanation.
One possible explanation for dark matter is a group of subatomic particles called neutrinos.
Another explanation is the rise of income of rural residents.
Perhaps the explanation is found in currency movements.
The explanation may lie in the role of fund managers.
Part of the explanation appears to be that beliefs are disproportionately affected by lived experience.
What is needed, though, is a proper dictionary-an explanation of what the proteins mean as well as what they are.
The explanation for their political woes must lie elsewhere.
These once-mysterious properties have a simple explanation.
The explanation offered by the report seems a little flimsy, given that this is a fairly untested technique.
One possible explanation for this is that intelligent people make better choices about how to conduct their lives.
The explanation for the faltering economy matters as much as the figures themselves.
Part of the explanation is the global credit crunch.
There was also a simpler explanation: the economy is in trouble and the recession may be longer and deeper than initially feared.
See below for an explanation of the changes made to this story since it initially appeared.
Their explanation involved an elegant model with deeply counterintuitive implications.
Science covered only explanation and only to one's peers.
In both cases the same is observed, but the explanation is different.
Yet so far string theory offers no explanation for the observed values of the constants.
So, there is a bit of a problem with the explanation in this article.
The best explanation of this result is regression to the mean.
The second explanation ignores the weight of the air in the clouds.
The biggest alien planet found so far is baffling scientists with properties that defy current scientific explanation.
More and more people, though, are gravitating towards an alternative explanation: intelligent design.
One possible explanation was that the region may have had an inhospitable environment.
Ask students to conclude their reports with an explanation of what they learned by conducting earthquake research.
His archaeologist colleagues want to see more evidence before they accept it as a valid explanation of the sites' use.
But scientists have no satisfying explanation for how such a singularity might have formed in the first place.
Lovejoy's explanation for the origin of bipedalism thus comes down to the monogamous pair bond.
Astronomers are, however, somewhat stumped for a complete explanation.
Every one was roused by the peculiar shock, but no visible explanation was furnished.
Finding the lower floor's holes reignited her decades-long search for an explanation of the patterns.
You're greeted by a full-size model of the space shuttle, complete with a clear explanation of how the heat shield works.
Your explanation was certainly the easiest to understand.
Adjacent pages for such facts present a one-paragraph explanation of how that fact is possible or why it is so.
The explanation offered for evolving sleep seem contrived.
The effect was easy to dismiss as alchemy, but there had to be a good explanation.
Ball's not trying to craft that explanation himself, though.
Each has had to come up with her own tentative, often unsatisfactory explanation and way of coping.
And the explanation is an encouragement for the future.
The facts are accurately stated, but the suggestion that they are not capable of easy and simple explanation is not justified.
But first a brief explanation of the secretive country's political culture is in order.
It is not yet clear which explanation lies closer to the truth.
Often little if any serious explanation follows the verbal and physical punishment.
It is important, though, to be sure your explanation is age-appropriate.
What it wants is an explanation, which you feel will free you in some way-if only from the grip of your ferocious waiting.
Such a broad social development seems to require an explanation on the same scale.
He gets plugged and falls into a river and reappears later without explanation.
He never renounced his evolutionary theory, but instead made it the cornerstone of a theistic explanation of the universe.
Without explanation, the family was told to spend the night on the second floor.
His performance was so dismal it demands explanation.
And, inevitably, they turn to the medical graduate in the house for advice and explanation.
Without it, there's no explanation for much of what they see in the cosmos.
But many physicists believe that this traditional textbook explanation is incomplete.
But cyclic cosmologies simply extend it over an infinite number of cycles, without any explanation.
Most researchers have offered a simple explanation for these extraordinary gifts: compulsive learning.
If there is a possibility that you might have an explanation, that is something that everybody thinks is what you should pursue.
But there was no explanation for why it had returned.
Yet there is no widely accepted explanation of how a particle happens to choose a single state when it is disturbed.
But the fundamental explanation is that the pen was put in an unstable situation.
Regression to mean doesn't seem particularly satisfying as an explanation when the results meet the standard statistical tests.
The only thing that had changed was his explanation for it.
But none provide a convincing explanation for the variety of leaf shapes that occur in nature.
Instead of no explanation of the graphic combined with cryptic axis annotation it could have no annotation at all.
And yet the real explanation is much more interesting and profound.
Such behavior is capriciously dismissed with the explanation that it is maladaptive, and therefore has simply failed to evolve.
But this explanation is as absurd as the myth itself.
But he tried: he repeated his explanation all over the country.
The obvious explanation, that a better team won that day, is never good enough for the tens of millions of disappointed.
His inability to hear what all of us can hear needs some explanation.
Yet one thing last week's observances showed is that such a simple explanation remains unsettling.
Last week he still had no logical explanation of his craving for art.
No other explanation will suffice for the appearance of these two new comedy- fantasy thrillers.
The more believable explanation for the duck hunt is that it's been an exercise in politics rather than safety.
The current study, however, offers a neurological explanation for this phenomenon.
One explanation might be that the scientists chose a cold virus as the delivery vehicle.
There is as yet no satisfactory explanation for what happened next.
He said he considers this an explanation, but not an apology.
The pleas or answers allowed are admit, admit with an explanation or deny.

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