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In writing, explain what makes each headline compelling.
If you are going to explain it, do it correctly.
Greenhouse gases alone cannot explain the warming climate in the Himalayas.
We furthermore attempted to explain how our psychotherapeutic method acts.
We quantify an event with a mathematical model, describe it with a visual model, or explain it with a conceptual model.
The youth culture's love affair with this musical lifeline might explain why romance isn't what it used to be.
Even so, the illustrations alone could explain to beginning readers the story of this wild water ride.
It's kind of complicated to explain, and that's why it's not a real great spectator sport.
There was nothing miraculous to explain.
Can you explain it in terms that I can grasp? .
It's much easier to explain why neon isn't inert in a discharge tube than it is to explain why it is inert to chemical reactions.
They are obviously critical cells for social interactions but they can't explain non-social cognition.
Dark energy is needed to explain why galaxies and clusters are accelerating at faster time rates away from each other.
Physicists still struggle to explain high-temperature superconductivity.
Much of the philosophical side of the study of consciousness seeks either to explain qualia or to explain them away.
But the details-how you go on from the basic principles of evolution to explain large-scale patterns in biology-are more divisive.
But this leads to two other phenomena, which physicists have hitherto been unable to explain.
It is a broad canon, stretching from theories to explain how prices are determined to how economies grow.
Perhaps the deepest question of all is whether it can ever explain everything.
The jury is still out on whether current theories really are enough to explain the origins of the universe.
Technological change may explain why unskilled workers have lost ground to graduates.
Next, explain what question each discovery answered.
The graphic below, and the text under it, explain how convective caps form.
These were real attempts to explain what happened on the basis of people's actions.
She will explain to anyone who will listen that unlike wind and solar power, wave energy is always available.
Shocked and on the verge of tears, she asked me to explain.
It is the kind of thing that is easy to diagram but difficult to explain.
Epidemiologists were at a loss to explain the epidemic.
Thank goodness there are text panels to explain who's who.
Explain that doctors need to use a variety of monitoring tools to understand the full picture of a patient's health.
Explain that over several million years, this river eroded the rock layers and made it possible for us to see them.
Explain that they will be performing an investigation in their groups.
Their essays should explain how the character of a place was changed by a physical process and describe the reasons why.
Explain that studying genetic markers gives scientists clues to lineage.
Have them explain how specific products might get from place to place.
Ask students to explain the purpose of each kind of map.
Ask students to explain the criteria used for their placement of each picture.
Explain that the students, all of different sizes, now act as a set of waves by tracing from their hands to their heads.
Explain that students will use them to help you tell a story.
Explain that as you zoom in with the telescope, they will be able to see more detail and recognize more features.
The skits should explain these differences in perception and the reasons for these differences.
Explain how being separated by water is different from being separated by land.
Ask students to choose a few flags that seem particularly interesting and to explain what they find intriguing about those flags.
Explain that this diagram shows the process by which a whale emits sounds to locate objects, such as fish.
Explain that neither pollution nor wildlife observes boundaries.
Ask students to explain what each structure represents to its culture.
Students should include both renewable and nonrenewable resources and explain the difference.
Explain to the scientists how the activity was conducted.
Explain that a watershed is an area of land that is crisscrossed by waterways that drain into a larger body of water.
Based on this fact, ask them to explain which civilization borrowed from the other.
That's a report on a particular pattern of behavior, and an evolutionary story to explain the behavior.
Explain how work and loans differ from grant aid, if these forms of self-help are described in the calculator's results.
And come to think of it, my teaching actually isn't all that easy to explain.
The sparse materials accompanying the database did not explain.
If so, please feel free to use the comments to explain why you think so.
McGraw calls it the benign violation theory, and he insists that it can explain the function of every imaginable type of humor.
The department itself never decided how the standards strategy ought to work, or how to explain it to others.
One argument for the eternity of the soul is that life in a body is even harder to explain than life outside of one.
But the company could do more to explain why it chooses to deny certain requests to remove content and yet complies with others.
Looking at a wider array of measures about the quality of life may better explain that uneasiness.
And he didn't explain the urgency of a two-step process and why it was necessary to risk default on the national debt.
Then perhaps she could explain the above fruit juice discrepancy.
These are both efforts to explain mind and behavior biologically, as products of natural selection and genetic endowment.
He couldn't explain it, actually-but that didn't stop him from justifying it.
He's there and knows how to explain why it's happening.
Any other attempt to explain politics and government is doomed to failure.
So he felt a calling, or that is how he liked to explain himself.
In any case, you don't need to talk about deleveraging to explain sluggish consumer spending.
On an ordinary day, you can explain the complexities of a relationship, or simply elide them.
Here's an interesting idea that could explain some of the more puzzling features of our universe.
Conventional decision theory cannot explain why humans make paradoxical choices.
We'll explain why some collaboration tools have failed to prove useful to the employees meant to benefit from them.
One of the biggest challenges in atmospheric physics is to explain how clouds form.
Surely there is a more objective way to explain the laws of physics.
The problem with inflation is that it needs an additional theory to explain why it occurs and that's ugly.
The test helps explain a long-standing puzzle in oncology.
Reduced frictional loss wouldn't be enough to explain the claims on the website.
The article should better explain why direct drive systems get disproportionately heavier as their power rating increases.
There are times it's not enough to explain something or show a research prototype.
The physical properties of the books themselves may explain their popularity.
Ah, that would explain how that snowman in the forest acquired a human head.
Later you'll explain that you didn't think it would leak everywhere because you'd already squeezed out all the juice.
The difficulties they faced-rather than a reversal in policy-explain unique aspects of the decision.
These broad trends explain why other countries also are contending with inflation of their health costs.
The authors, moreover, explain clearly how the prices of collateralized debt obligations were driven up by credit-rating agencies.
Once upon a time popular science was the attempt to explain the achievements of scientists to a broad audience.
There are no notes to explain place-specific references.
The problem is to explain in detail how exactly that works.
Which might explain the enduring power of the whole megillah.
Students will demonstrate an understanding of the basic laws which govern and explain phenomena observed in the natural world.
For years, scientists struggled to identify an adaptive advantage that might explain schizophrenia's persistence.
New controversy over whether a single theory can explain everything.
Now scientists are invoking giant impacts to explain a constellation of planetary artifacts.
To explain how the first creature came to be, you have to explain how its innards got to be distinguished from its surroundings.
If geological alteration really added volatiles to rock, rather than removed them, they had to explain how that could happen.
Overconfidence can help explain wars, financial disasters, and collapsed civilizations.
The bacteria may have thrived in many more places then, and that might explain why dolomite formed abundantly.
It would explain how so often group or tribe loyalty overrides even family loyalty.
On a cosmic scale, this idea could help explain how life arose in the universe against tremendous odds.
But the experience of using your mind's eye doesn't fully explain the mental processing that goes on beneath the surface.
His second tack was to explain how our universe is finely-tuned for the existence of life.
Competing theories seek to explain the value of a big brain.
Unless the camera is powerful enough to catch the stars through the clouds, but it doesn't explain the rectangle around the moon.
The whole of science is to study, understand, and explain phenomenon.
But scientists don't know how to explain it--or even if it really exists.
But ask your average etiquette expert how that rule came to be, and chances are that even she couldn't explain it.
Some of the players are still trying to explain what happened in the crisis.

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