expiry in a sentence

Example sentences for expiry

The block is so arranged that it smoulders slowly and is not finally reduced to charcoal till the expiry of a year.
The following table lists all of the outstanding warrants and their expiry date.
Patents on many lucrative drugs are on the verge of expiry.
Expiry dates add a sense of urgency, which retailers are eager to foster.
The drug firm that makes a generic version of a blockbuster ulcer pill is simply cashing in on the expiry of a rival's patents.
Another motivation may be the looming patent-expiry crisis confronting many big drugs companies.
It seems possible that data as well as content will eventually travel with security, location and expiry policies attached.
But with the expiry of these facilities, the system is once again operating in the margins.
In any event, the expiry of new arrangements will not restore the previous status quo.
If you want to get low cost rates within the coupons then take advantage of these to claim your discount prior to the expiry date.
The coupon code for edible arrangements consists of expiry date.
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