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When drugs do finally expire, some gradually get weaker and eventually become inert.
As a good first step to regaining some measure of economic stability, they should be allowed to expire.
They can be fired tomorrow or whenever their contracts expire.
As the globe warms, many temperature-sensitive species have to adapt or expire.
To adjust emissions caps in the future, the allowances would expire periodically, perhaps as often as once a year.
It used to be that the package where you sent me your magazines had, printed on it, the date when my subscription would expire.
And since it apparently is set to expire end of year with no legislative action, this is a mute point now anyway.
No one knows what will happen when those leases expire.
But training does not always yield a job, and even extended unemployment benefits expire eventually.
Former soldiers are gradually being removed from provincial governorships, too, as their five-year terms expire.
Generics firms often seek to gain entry by challenging existing patents rather than by waiting for them to expire.
But the tax credit that has been driving its growth is about to expire.
The coalition could break down before the five years expire.
At first the wind is slow, but then as the star continues to expire the velocity increases.
The organisms are difficult to find and once caught usually expire before reaching the lab.
We were promised that the tax cuts would be allowed to expire if the the deficit returned.
The unborn would simply die in the womb or, if born, expire shortly after delivery.
It could easily be argued that these loan limits ought to expire.
We never want to see these acts, these provisions, expire.
Again, the market took off-and collapsed, when the credits were allowed to expire.
Yes, companies have swapped unionized workforces for universal workforces by letting jobs expire at home while hiring overseas.
Perhaps it's best to let the bill expire and move on to more meaningful issues.
Free night certificates expire six months after issuance.
Redemption codes expire five years after date of purchase.
Maybe they were hesitant at first, waiting for the gadget to break or the warranty to expire.
Browser cookies that never expire and cannot be removed from a computer.
Even worse, patents on five blockbuster drugs were about to expire, which would allow cheaper generics to flood the market.
The statute of limitations on bribery was to expire next week.

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