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Example sentences for expiration date

The delay is a safeguard, but it has an expiration date.
There is still no standardization but texts purchased online come with a six-month expiration date.
Retailers typically give pasteurized milk an expiration date of four to six days.
But if it is important enough, companies will try to get around the inconvenience of an expiration date.
They come with an expiration date, which can be minutes or years ahead, after which the browser deletes them.
Once a molecule is patented, the clock starts ticking towards the expiration date of the patent.
And yet, to hear those companies tell it, the bar code's expiration date may be nigh.
Life is endless opportunity with a with an expiration date, and you are wasting yours in ignorance and spite.
They know the non-renewable gravy train has an expiration date and they are making sure they are well positioned for the change.
Read the terms and conditions when you get the card, and check for an expiration date or any fees.
When refrigerated, eggs will be fine for use three to five weeks after the expiration date.
It is also the reason that some boxes will have both a vintage date and an expiration date.
Being exposed to heat and moisture can make medicines less potent before their expiration date.
Provide the name that appears on the card, the expiration date of the card and the security code.
Finally, it lists special promotions the company is offering and the expiration date.
Find the expiration date on the card to make sure you will be able to use it for the entirety of your trip without it expiring.
Notices are mailed out approximately three months prior to the expiration date of the license.
If an expiration date is specified, the balance is presumed abandoned five years from the date of purchase.
Please submit your renewal information well in advance of your expiration date to avoid lapsing of your license.
Expiration date of your license should be on your actual birthday.
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