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Example sentences for expiration

Luckily, leafy greens that have almost reached the expiration point can still be used.
The base of the lung descends during inspiration and ascends during expiration.
Check on delivery, expiration dates, or other concerns.
But if it is important enough, companies will try to get around the inconvenience of an expiration date.
The patents on the first lucrative products of biotechnology are at last approaching their expiration dates.
Consider the new credit cards you might be carrying--many of which already have expiration dates in the next century.
Retailers typically give pasteurized milk an expiration date of four to six days.
The delay is a safeguard, but it has an expiration date.
If you check your account online, you'll see the expiration date.
There is still no standardization but texts purchased online come with a six-month expiration date.
Remember to set the expiration date to make your cookie a keeper.
In contrast, gag orders attached to grand jury subpoenas have expiration dates.
Track expiration dates on all food and water in the stockpile.
Remove and replace any items within six months of expiration.
Note the entry requirements and expiration for your visa.
Finally, it lists special promotions the company is offering and the expiration date.
Otherwise, there are some excellent specials that have no immediate expiration date.
First, he's genuinely optimistic the economy will be okay, in part because he's sanguine about the expiration of fiscal stimulus.
They come with an expiration date, which can be minutes or years ahead, after which the browser deletes them.
Most other housing market variables were also rising before the end of the credit, only to tumble back after its expiration.
It is common knowledge that a primary determinant of the value of an option is time to expiration.
They also wanted to shorten contracts and let teams end them before their expiration.
Everything has an expiration date-even nuclear warheads.
Those folks had a tendency to stay past their expiration dates.
Life is endless opportunity with a with an expiration date, and you are wasting yours in ignorance and spite.
The preservative extends the expiration date from maybe being a few hours after removed from a refrigerator to weeks or months.
If you prefer, mail check or card authorization and expiration.
And yet, to hear those companies tell it, the bar code's expiration date may be nigh.
Once a molecule is patented, the clock starts ticking towards the expiration date of the patent.
The crunch, of course, will come upon the expiration of these new deadlines.
Our pops don't really of themselves have an expiration date, other than the one the sun sets.
One downside is that it's an idea with an expiration date.
Since the expiration of the home buyer credit, a pessimistic outlook has taken hold of builders.
The two maximum points shown have something in common: they were both driven by the imminent expiration of the home buyer credit.
Success, power, and fame all come with expiration dates.
They know the non-renewable gravy train has an expiration date and they are making sure they are well positioned for the change.
To remove stamped bar codes and expiration dates, rub them with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.
When refrigerated, eggs will be fine for use three to five weeks after the expiration date.
Read the terms and conditions when you get the card, and check for an expiration date or any fees.
Lately we've been getting some questions regarding expiration dates of foods.
Expiration of federal subsidies could cripple a growing industry.
Some items are near or slightly past their sell-by dates, but these days, expiration won't keep shoppers from a discount.
We all knew housing would sputter after the expiration of the federal home buyers' tax credit.
We've known for a long time that the expiration of the federal home-buying tax credit would trip up the housing market.
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