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The knowledge, expertise, and skills that you gain early on will form the foundation for your later investigations.
My expertise is all about ambushing and harrasing the opponent.
They invite me to appear at conferences to share my expertise.
This is a demanding position where you will make significant use of your scientific expertise.
The climb will be guided and is non-technical, meaning ropes and mountain climbing expertise are not necessary.
I'm not an entomologist, so I don't have the expertise for describing species.
It may also be true that writing about poetry requires a certain esoteric expertise that few have.
They immediately began sharing and building on each other's expertise.
The hard skills are the technical expertise you need to get the job done.
Perhaps your search has been limited geographically, or your field of expertise is very specific and narrow.
You have to have a level of expertise to be able to answer that well.
In time, the power of authors birthed the idea of authority and bred a culture of expertise.
Extended lunar stays build the experience and expertise needed for the long-term space missions required to visit other planets.
Others, meanwhile, are looking to the outside world for expertise and money to help with conservation projects.
She brings expertise in organic gardening, landscape design and domestic arts to her writing.
The result is a triumph of narrative indulgence over theatrical expertise.
These deals are often also a way to acquire managerial and technological expertise.
Our interest and expertise is in reportage and photojournalism, so those will be the focus of our lessons.
It does not, however, work well for content that relies on a higher level of understanding or expertise.
The first is not to worry about selling much hardware but instead to sell your expertise as the inventor.
Other key members contribute expertise ranging from graphic design to education to computer science.
The only way to acquire this expertise is to make lots of mistakes with actual eggs and embryos.
Let's draw on the diverse range of expertise present in this forum.
True intuitive expertise is learned from prolonged experience with good feedback on mistakes.
If they become stuck, they'll ask their bosses, whose deep technical expertise propelled them into management in the first place.
Of course, our spies always relied on private sector expertise.
Generally speaking, the people you talk to have the competence and expertise.
Talk is of a virtuous circle in which growth feeds expertise, which feeds investment.
The other attraction is a plentiful supply of two things emerging-market multinationals want: expertise and strong brands.
The school's long-standing expertise in public-sector management attracts students from diverse backgrounds.
As well as its own faculty, it draws academics and expertise from the rest of the university, offering students a good choice.
Well-run companies still know when they need outside expertise, which is why strategy consulting is far from dead.
The problem is that the dissidents' ruthlessness is matched by a growing expertise in the use of explosives.
Top of the list is the technical expertise and track record to be a credible guardian against inflation.
Jury trials over accounting matters are unpredictable, given their technical nature and jurors' limited expertise.
Venture capitalists make money in the long term by lending their names and expertise to start-ups.
It lacks the expertise, technology and capital it needs.
His expertise is in retirement income security and macroeconomics.
They would rather emphasise their expertise in a specific industry and play down their nationality.
And encouraging foreign investment would bring in foreign expertise and money.
Likewise, its expertise in batteries for gadgets smooths the way for making car-sized ones.
My bit of fantasy expertise suggests a player's pedigree and past performance matter.
However, no website can replace the expertise a real estate agent provides.
Others seem to take offense at claims to expertise among us bloggers or among responders using terms of art.
In some circles that affords a presumption of expertise.
So you might not think that it's all that difficult to speak to someone from the media about your area of expertise.
Faculty members who teach the modules now share their expertise with other professors.
There are many well qualified males that have not been able to find employment in their field of expertise.
Many of these new innovations are cross-disciplinary, requiring patent examiners to have expertise in multiple technical areas.
It is true, but misleading when it comes to his expertise.
Instead, they ship samples to facilities with the necessary licenses and expertise.
To somehow claim that as expertise would be laughable if it weren't so tragic that a science magazine is doing it.
Putting them up take expertise and, if anything, the amount of expertise they take has been increasing.
My former boss uses his programming expertise to automate his heating in his house.
The world looses farming expertise every day because of the poor returns.
Time and timekeeping is an life-deep interest and expertise of mine.
Kodak hopes to use its expertise in film making to produce flexible solar cells.
Data-mining techniques could make it easier to locate expertise.
Now several big players in health care and data management are bringing their expertise and money to bear on the problem.
And it wants to share its extraordinary resources and expertise with, well, everybody.
HP and our channel partners can help you choose the right number of blades with our solution sizing tools and expertise.
Deciding what to do about the present financial crisis is beyond anything remotely resembling my expertise.
Even his critics acknowledge his foreign policy expertise.
Most biotech companies lack the management expertise and capital required to bring new drugs to market.
There's a lot of expertise in the rest of the world when it comes to the questions of how to set up and run a post bank.
For the pilots, the gruelingly long combat cycle affords enough time to build up high levels of visual familiarity and expertise.
He had them describe each wine in as much detail as their expertise would allow.
The forward basing of area commands is another strategy that would encourage area expertise and language skills.
He tried a different approach, one that showcased his boots-on-the-ground expertise.
Most games don't allow progress until you've reached a certain level of expertise.
But they certainly do bring some things to the table that can't be reproduced, both in terms of expertise and authority.
Outside expertise should not be shunned but rather welcomed.
Silk's expertise is in galaxy formation, so he naturally spends a good amount of time on that.
Here's an example for you: my field of expertise is biochemistry.
Scientists' expertise is study of the physical world.
But more and more, hiring managers are looking for people with expertise.
Among them are people with specific expertise in either electronic warfare or electronic interference.
His lack of expertise also presumably accounts for his occasional reliance on popular scientific journalism.
Now, organizers in other cities are tapping into their expertise.
The villagers' expertise in making goat soup is unquestioned.
But until they get a positive response, they will take their expertise elsewhere.
Their opinions will be solicited on every subject under the sun, including matters light-years from their area of expertise.
It also offered the feds a fully-funded team of scientists with expertise in bacterial research to help fight the bio-war.
No special expertise in handling chromosomes, nuclei or eggs is needed.

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