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Dan is an all around math-teaching expert and master video maker.
It had five leading voices, each one an expert in drug addiction and treatment.
Which isn't surprising, given his long and expert contribution to the health-care debate over the past two years.
After all, being a so-called expert is their claim to fame.
It used to be that the expert source on what was or wasn't a word was that school-day staple: the dictionary.
Don't experiment with other varieties without expert guidance.
Other than these alternatives though, there is plenty to discover here for strategy players of even expert ability.
Rather than hiring an ebonics expert to understand the lingo of drug dealers, they'd be better off hiring a former drug dealer.
No one who is not immersed and expert in a field and has become an expert in it is qualified to have a substantive opinion.
She is now a behavioral ecologist, an expert in how animals use sound.
PhD in-hand by time of appointment, and demonstrated accomplishment or promise as a regional expert with a global reach.
Two expert guests are pitched head to head in our online debate.
The expert simply doesn't trust professors to do their jobs, though he would probably never put it so bluntly.
But expert opinion does not guarantee in itself the absence of bias, only the prevalence of the bias of the said expert.
It takes exceptional ingredients and expert craftsmanship to create, and costs more to acquire.
Yet, some domains can't have experts because the phenomena the expert is supposed to know are inherently and wildly random.
Again, by four years of age, children have become expert at working the social arena.
Get expert advice from what to pack to where to play.
The third group was a control group and did not have a local expert.
Doing science requires using technical terminology to allow you to successfully navigate the expert terrain.
Expert faculty, growing enrollments, accreditation of our new professional program.
That's an irresponsible statement on the part of an expert in neuroscience.
The expert gave it as his opinion that no blame attached.
Likewise, the committee is not looking for an expert, but for a colleague.
My understanding of this, from speaking to the campus copyright expert is that this is something of a grey zone in the law.
He is an expert on inflation, unemployment and productivity growth.
He had the latest books on how to be an expert farmer.
We also have advisory boards that provide regular, expert counsel to our three program areas.
Visitors are given the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire, so that an expert can personally select a scent for them.
Become an instant expert of football's regulations and arcana.
Caring knows these details are important, but he's the first to admit he's no expert on them.
Every village had an expert drummer and every villager could understand what the drums were saying.
But a new study finds that what really influences our opinions, more than listening to any expert, is our own beliefs.
And this snake expert has some wild stories to tell.
Now an expert tells who the tribes are, and how they may have survived.
The largest bird that ever flew was an expert glider but was too heavy to fly by flapping its wings, researchers say.
As such, exclusion of defendant's proposed expert's testimony is warranted.
So they ended up putting in unpaid hours for an employer who was expert at tricks of this sort.
If he was expert at reading people, she was expert at reading plays.
The cause of losses, whatever it was, killed novice and expert crews impartially.
Penguins may be ungainly on land, but they're speedy swimmers and expert divers.
The owner is the technical expert in the field, so customers ask for the boss.

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