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This, in turn, requires a bit of trial and error experimentation.
Extensive experimentation in my test kitchen over the weekend confirmed that the nitrogen carbonation has something to do with it.
It was, in part, a period of imitation and experimentation.
But in the meantime experimentation and exploration and excavation must be kept up.
The book has become a foundation for experimentation rather than a working guide.
Making them lighter required years of experimentation and a significant investment in technology, and it drove up the price.
The happy result of all this experimentation was to bring the audience deeper into the opera.
He popularized double-sided shawls, and encouraged constant experimentation with techniques.
After the end of the last ice age, what had been experimentation flowered into the birth of true agriculture.
Practice and experimentation are the keys to doing anything well.
So those are the conditions under which you do that kind of human experimentation.
He wanted to help alleviate the ongoing water shortage, but his bureaucratic job did not allow him much scope for experimentation.
Finding the right balance between these three main elements required a long process of experimentation and calibration.
And with the uptick in demand, chocolatiers are throwing experimentation into overdrive.
My aim is not to slap some sort of gastronomic restraining order on chefs intent upon experimentation.
We believe in experimentation and learning from our mistakes as well as our successes.
As with any other teaching technique, using music requires experimentation.
But those are practical problems that can be solved with time, ingenuity, and experimentation.
The cruelty of much animal experimentation cannot be justified on scientific grounds, because it has proved largely unproductive.
You're not anti-innovation, so you add an research and experimentation tax credit for businesses.
But experimentation by media is surely warranted and could collect more valuable data in this area.
What's fascinating about the map is the sheer depth and breadth of experimentation.
In short, the shaping of this element of our social and economic lives is now open to both choices and experimentation.
In short, tactical urbanism interventions create a laboratory for experimentation.
We should protect government incentives for research and experimentation to stoke the next economic boom.
Though the episode doesn't exactly achieve narrative brilliance, the experimentation in storytelling form was interesting enough.
There's no tolerance for experimentation in these countries.
He showed an increasing predilection for experimentation.
But to oppose even experimentation with cost-cutting reforms reveals a party completely bankrupt of new ideas.
Self-conscious experimentation is generally the result of a real longing to break down the barriers of literary convention.
At the same time there was an explosion of unrestrainedly sensual art and literary experimentation.
It's simple enough for anyone to play, but also deep enough to encourage extended experimentation.
The experimentation will keep you occupied for hours.
Now that on-the-job experimentation has taken an academic turn.
It's exciting as an author to see the first nod to a project that has taken years of research, experimentation, and composition.
Our long, distinguished history is rooted in a commitment to innovation, experimentation and constant change.
It's a family activity that encourages babies and toddlers to learn through experimentation and creativity.
As patterns of news consumption shift, much experimentation is under way.
Yet there are vast gaps in medical knowledge which animal experimentation can help close.
The body in space is his laboratory, always ripe for experimentation.
Its tools and culture promote experimentation, collaboration and rapid improvement.
Too often, other societies have been slow to see the value of scientific and entrepreneurial experimentation that ends in failure.
One factor helping sales is that the new dyes are not so fast, allowing frequent colour changes and experimentation.
Skating breezily across swathes of economic policy, his theme is that new capitalism will be defined by experimentation.
We live in an age of unparalleled progress, when creative innovations bear the fruit of advanced experimentation on every corner.
The modern scientists think that knowledge of mind is got by experimentation and drawing inferences from them.
Both can only be known through empirical observation and experimentation.
One of the problems with human genetics where it resembles economics are the ethical issues involved in experimentation.
Yet after nearly a century of experimentation, the perfect bra may well be in sight.
Life experience is different than the results of scientific experimentation.
It would have to be blind human experimentation, not caring what the outcome would be.
Experimentation requires observation and control of the variables.
These animals die in the experimentation process or are euthanized after the research is complete.
Science is the process of deriving generalizations from the iterative testing of hypotheses through experimentation.
So far so good, science predicts and experimentation supports it.
At this point, a theory is drawn from the hypothesis and experimentation to create a new theory, or adjust an existing theory.
Direct observation and experimentation of one species changing into another.
Experimentation on chimpanzees and the other great apes must end.
Early toys got kids interested in science and engineering through experimentation.
It's debate, it's experimentation and it's verification of claims that might be false.
Maybe there isn't a way for vertical farming to work now, but new ideas get refined, once experimentation begins.
But even after years of practice and experimentation, her workflow remains breathtakingly painstaking.
It's debate, it's experimentation, and it's verification of claims that might be false.
Science values data and statistics and champions the virtues of evidence and experimentation.
Some focus is on epidemiology but much of it is animal experimentation.
The only way that anything can actually be proven is by finding the same results by independent experimentation.
Putting information technology in more hands enabled an explosion of innovation and experimentation.
Every scientific hypothesis must be testable and potentially proven false through further observation and experimentation.
And even after that, it took six months of experimentation to discover the medication that would make me better.
But it takes on a different meaning in an act of personal experimentation.
After some experimentation to make the often wet litter more flammable, he managed to turn it into a stable fuel.
So far, there is no way to tap into the brain without dramatically invasive surgery, so human experimentation is unlikely.
Creativity, experimentation, even simple play are discouraged.
Fill your year with experimentation, for breakthrough discoveries.
Innovation and experimentation may seem stifled, so stick to practical tasks and diversions.
Turn all these serial killers over to medical science for experimentation.

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