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It's still in the development stage, but several experimental vaccines tested on laboratory monkeys have proved successful.
Its verse is by no means of equal value, and some of it was experimental work by persons of no special poetic talent.
Much of its work was sound and still endures, if much was experimental and had to be undone.
Democracy was still experimental, doubtful, full of gun-powder.
No doubt it will accept the experimental proof here alleged, if and when it is repeated under conditions-Times.
It has also been discovered by experimental psychologists, who study the animals' thinking processes.
The syringe contains an experimental contraceptive drug.
The fact of the matter is that experimental animals are treated extremely well.
Before computers, this experimental section helped engineers model the effects of compression on the finished bridge's cables.
There's a big gap between farmers' yields and experimental yields, that is, the highest that could be achieved.
But in a fast moving field, the museum has chosen to collect experimental prototypes that hold great promise for the future.
As the movie implies, the lack of results could be blamed on the lack of a proper experimental design in the first place.
In another building on campus, he is raising goats that will eventually receive the experimental hearts.
The injuries to the giant squid found last decade, he noted, were much more pronounced than in the experimental animals.
Dense, mature pine plantations surrounded each experimental patch.
During the time of the pyramid builders, mummification was rare and still in experimental stages.
These birds are particularly convenient experimental subjects.
She has yet to obtain experimental data to back up this theory, but may do so in future research.
Jazz, world beat, and experimental artists keep the crowd rocking.
You'll probably do better putting your camera on manual and adjusting the exposure with a few experimental shots.
But those questions can be answered through research-driven, experimental reintroduction.
Companies blamed both the political climate and financing difficulties for the expensive experimental efforts.
The new field of experimental philosophy introduces a novel twist on this traditional approach.
Certainly there is no experimental evidence in favor of such a minimal unit.
They used a common experimental trick that creates the illusion that the middle fingers are burning hot.
We'll meet chefs at these hideouts and discover the experimental approaches that make what they do so extraordinary.
We spent the next hour and a half in an experimental frenzy.
Researchers are ready to human-test a promising experimental vaccine for the disease.
Fifty-one psychologically healthy volunteers underwent two to five experimental sessions that lasted eight hours.
She was saved by an experimental clot-busting drug that has now become part of standard therapy.
It's not always advantageous to find out that your experimental agent doesn't work.
We are participants in the same striving process, the same experimental journey.
It can become instead an event wide-open to a variety of experimental manipulations.
Seven went down in the control group, and nine in the experimental one.
Much of the initial haul turns out to be random fluctuations or experimental glitches.
Although some experimental devices have proved unreliable, they are now improving.
While the surgeon was at it, he injected the governor with stem cells, in an experimental procedure meant to speed recovery.
Experimental quantum computers require exotic materials and work only at a tad above absolute zero.
It has also made an experimental optical transceiver that plugs into a laptop to receive and send light signals.
As the power of traditional advertising declines, what was once an experimental marketing approach is becoming more popular.
Experimental treatments fail far more often than they succeed.
Anything that requires expensive equipment, such as experimental particle physics, is clearly a no-go area.
Behavioral neuroscience is one of several areas of expertise within the department that focuses on experimental psychology.
Today, that experimental idea gained some more traction in mainstream higher education.
Ability to teach finance and an interest in behavioral and experimental economics are also desirable.
What's more, this line of thinking goes, such scrutiny and public shaming could have a chilling effect on experimental science.
Strong teaching record, with experience in developing curriculum to use experimental learning to further educational goals.
Decades of observational and experimental research have provided evidence that animals experience physical pain.
Astronomy is certainly a science and the methods used to study the cosmos are absolutely experimental in design.
Some of those notions are logical argument, experimental and theoretical science, and scrutiny of history.
Well they should, but that doesn't make a flawed experimental protocol any less flawed.
We've always been a band that's kind of a longer, experimental thing.
You've said you're going to make experimental movies again.
However, there is neither experimental nor clinical evidence for this view, and considerable evidence against it.
It was natural for him, following his sense of the beautiful, to move away from experimental physics and toward astronomy.
His thinking was closely tied to experimental science and engineering practice.
It's erratic and experimental because there was no grand plan.
For one thing, the experimental elements in it are too pronounced.
V was thrown into a detention center years ago and disfigured by a fire in its experimental lab, and now he seeks revenge.
He has published a range of poets, and speaks proudly of the experimental ones.
He has tried some other experimental treatments which have all failed.
The practice of using animals for experimental research is a controversy with a long history.
But a new generation of experimental robots are capable of precisely this kind of self-maintenance and transformation.
Some within the medical community, however, regard the preventive approach as promising but still in the experimental stage.
But their evidence differed as much as their experimental techniques.
He has not yet incorporated the material into a working solar cell, but his initial experimental results look promising.
But experimental types of treatment could soon lend a hand.
The early studies had worked largely because the test mice were, by experimental design, leptin-deficient.
One arena that both particle physicists and cosmologists are excited about are experimental studies of the nature of dark matter.
The effort in science is to peel back those layers of belief and try to understand things in an experimental, rational mode.
Despite new ideas and experimental activity, it is possible that none of these tests will find any support for string theory.
Experimental treatments were performed throughout the mid-century, sometimes in high profile cases.
In addition, experimental melanoma vaccines are being studied.
But maglev launch technology is still experimental, and problems abound.
But the obvious lack of experimental technique shown by some posters has given me confidence.
Finally she went on a desperate search for any experimental treatment to cure her blindness.
While researching corneal implants, a careless lab tech accidentally dribbled an experimental compound on the floor.
While that's an interesting conjecture, nobody has come up with experimental proof.
Indeed, scientists have already created experimental microbial fuel cells that can run off glucose and sewage.
One experimental example is a camera, modeled after an eyeball, that features a curved array of light sensors.
It has yet to secure a site for an experimental plant-or the funding to build it.
By treating these patient-derived neurons with an experimental drug, the researchers could reverse the cellular abnormalities.
The experimental setup should, he believes, be much simpler to build than a full-scale quantum computer.
The term experimental aircraft carries an ominous suggestion of danger.
Treatment options are still in the experimental stages, and are not free of philosophical critics.

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