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Or consider this experiment, which is a direct test of precognition.
The experiment was designed to test the babies' ability to anticipate where the creature would appear based on the sound cues.
Have them develop a hypothesis about one of their questions and design a detailed experiment to test it.
Traditionally, a researcher postulates an idea, devises an experiment to test it and then reports the results.
He dreamed of an experiment involving the still-beating hearts of frogs that would test this theory.
Small laboratory experiment to investigate the fundamental physics of magnetic field line reconnection.
As part of the experiment, I always ask my students to write about being left in the technological cold.
Don't experiment with other varieties without expert guidance.
You will have to experiment to get the right combination of paint and powder.
This novel game encourages children to experiment with old auto parts and other junk items to build cars.
The acclaimed novelist experiments with self-publishing .
The experiment has been a work in progress.
There stood the apparatus, the experiments arranged and waiting.
Learn about the physics of sound with this experiment.
Encourage them to experiment with patterns and to present their patterns to other groups of children.
Like a good scientist, I needed to run an experiment to see if my theory fits the observable facts.
By choosing smaller projects, she gets to experiment without committing an entire room to a single color or pattern.
How an ambitious experiment in ecological living led to a goat pen.
The experiment has not been repeated to my knowledge.
Whichever direction the experiment went, there was a simple way to monitor the progress.
The builders were steered by tradition, yet free to experiment.
From the back of the truck one day, he yelled to colleagues riding in the cab about a new experiment he was contemplating.
She soon repeated the experiment with thorium, which behaved in similar ways.
My provision of the salt, which had never been renewed since the date of the first experiment, began to run low.
There was some conjecture as to fitness, but the experiment was tried.
The times were, in some respects, favorable to the experiment.
Rather, it is a fun, interactive environment in which to experiment and solve intellectually interesting but wacky challenges.
Keep a bucket of water or, better still, a fire extinguisher handy if you experiment.
In medical school, he devised an experiment about how the brain harmonizes the slightly different images seen by each eye.
And the more you experiment the easier it is to do different things.
Still, the experiment has recently begun to overwhelm him.
For the first time in its history, theory has caught up with experiment.
So, in an odd experiment, he gave them an artificial one.
In one experiment, she took a large group of kids and fed them a big lunch.
In order for the experiment to work, the cool water had to be distilled, and the hot water had to come from the tap.
Do not inhale the smoke or allow the contents of the beaker to touch your skin after the experiment.
Democracy is a perennial experiment, and this is not the first time its outcome has been in doubt.
In cool or warm weather, you should be able to find ants in the wild and do the experiment where they are.
Create a fun soap bubble experiment in your kitchen.
The trio designed an experiment that allowed them to see, for the first time, how migratory songbirds behave in the wild.
In his now-famous experiment, he sent a kite with a metal key tied to the string up into a thunderstorm.
In the experiment, the pachyderms paid little attention to the wood.
Until now, horse cloning has been a purely scientific experiment.
The experiment revealed that the genetic tweaking, indeed, rendered the mice resistant to weight gain.
Finally don't be afraid to experiment with your camera settings and expect to take scores of snapshots to get that one keeper.
The point of the experiment is that radioactive decay is a quantum process.
At the start of each experiment the group cuts a fire break along the perimeter of the area.
Before the experiment, they never knew how much was done, and could not argue with their supervisors about production bonuses.
During the experiment, they had the information to be able to argue.
The experiment she conducted involved balancing equations.
Sometimes this maverick behaved greedily, because the experiment had been designed to study the expected ostracism of cheats.
The experiment was then re-run, with the pairs split into three groups.
The culinary use of oyster mushrooms was one reason why she picked them for the experiment.
What began as an interesting experiment has become the standard way of supporting high-quality programming.
In the actual experiment, there were no leading and trailing pulses.
Other developing countries have also used them to experiment with deregulation.
Sometimes the colour of a digit corresponded exactly to the one she had described in the first experiment.
Even when the experiment is a success, its interpretation can be a failure.
He was about to start a simple experiment that would change forever the way scientists think about fat.
Most people who experiment with drugs, then, do not become addicted.
And to a significant degree the success of the experiment will be determined by their success.
For more than two decades, economists have been running versions of the same experiment.
The computer gave both sets of users who received feedback identical, glowing praise throughout the experiment.
Let me run through a quick thought experiment so you can see why.
Writing should be her safe haven, her place to experiment, her place to work through her confusion and feelings and thoughts.
Inside the experiment to detect if space is made of chunks.
Great theoreticians know that hypothesis must be confirmed with experiment.
But in practice it seemed near impossible because, unlike atoms, the number of photons in an experiment is not conserved.
But this decrease in happiness was mediated in a third experiment when subjects got paid to listen to the music.
As well as probing these responses, the experiment examined unconscious negative responses to race.
Preparation for the big experiment next year involves gradually running the lasers at higher intensities.
Twin droplets of fuel burn brightly in an experiment aboard the space shuttle.
In the experiment, volunteers wrote essays aimed at strangers about their views on animal testing or dietary preference.
Performing an experiment, and suddenly getting a phone call could mean a ruined experiment.
They cannot be tested or verified by observation or experiment.
Still, life is long, and there remain reasons for concern about this vast social experiment.
Many demonstrators argued, in effect, that the integrity of the fledgling anarchist experiment must be protected at all costs.
Private, investor-owned insurance plans are a failed experiment and should be phased out or marginalized.
No human experiment ought to continue if its scientific justification has been undermined.
Even a cart rattling in the hallway outside could undermine the experiment.
To judge for yourself, find someone to help you run a simple experiment.
Most everyone zeroed in on the timing of the experiment, which has to be extremely accurate.
In a typical experiment, a rat was placed in a cage with a light.
Much to my surprise, they had not done any such experiment with existing animal life.
And you need to handle their animals at the start of each experiment, which could distress them and change their behaviour.
In this case, there are two frames of reference: the experiment on the ground and the clocks in orbit.
As the experiment progressed, my trust in the robot grew and my tension waned.
The experiment wouldn't have been possible without a three-dimensional cell culture.
The results of the experiment, visualized using network graph software, are seen above.
The team hasten to emphasize the safety procedures that must be used during such an experiment.
But a new, more robust face of entanglement is beginning to emerge from other types of experiment.
Nearby of course would be magnets and electrical materials visitors can use to experiment with the gel.
In combination, these research platforms allow them free reign to experiment.
Neither is it clear exactly how such an experiment might be done although.
Offering three pack sizes could prove an interesting experiment.
In the upcoming week, experiment by chatting up people who suit your style.
The plus or minus of this number will indicate the standard error of the experiment.
Last week several of them got together for their first experiment in slum prevention.

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