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No doubt about it, the body-mind is intricate and experiential.
For time immemorial, humanity has strived to have an intimate relationship with this alternate experiential reality.
Jaynes was denying that people had experiential phenomenal consciousness based on a claim about inflated self-consciousness.
Experiential reports from participants can be as slippery as magic mushroom trips themselves.
But the usual critiques fail to recognize its potential for experiential learning.
Bush's obvious deficit in experiential seasoning was largely offset by poise and aplomb.
We each process experiential data according to our individual inherent genetic abilities.
Finally, some sense being made of experiential methods for teaching at all levels.
And yes, is there a substantive difference between amn integrated experiential understanding versus a memorized knowing.
However, the transition from the privately experiential to the publicly committed is not complete.
Their producers emphasize their experiential rather than functional qualities.
Public funds should be invested in afterschool programs that offer experiential learning.
The question is spurious since many cities are great from an experiential perspective regardless of their size.
Their itineraries are more innovative and experiential-aimed at developing lasting connections between people.
The activities include games, lessons, and experiential projects.
Rather, it builds a model directly from experiential data.
Some deals for off-the-beaten path, experiential and family vacations.
But perhaps even before the lake's rise makes town unlivable in a practical sense, he foresees an experiential demise.
Education is experiential, and experiential information should come into play.
Philosophy and theology give their conceptual interpretations of this experiential life.
Instead, it's a comprehensive experiential mode that lets you perceive and do things firsthand.
They still learn best through active, experiential and relevant learning and play activities.

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