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It isn't that the other candidates are not experienced or knowledgeable.
In polls, voters say they want experienced nominees to run for president.
Career advice and counseling, for beginners and experienced academics alike.
The researchers found that those trained with action games raised their performance to the level of the experienced gamers.
Even experienced cooks can find it intimidating to make pie pastry.
During the economic downturn, the nation's community colleges have experienced extraordinary growth under duress.
Within the last decade, the town has experienced a huge influx of people from the central city and other suburbs.
Journey the trails with experienced guides in period costumes.
Experienced plant sale veterans recommend arriving early for the best selection.
They have experienced reversible metabolic hibernation.
But they are also less experienced job hunters, less mobile, less skilled and often the first to be fired.
Explore the valley with experienced guides while staying in permanent lodges or seasonal bush camps.
These tequilas have experienced exponential demand and high prices.
Some welcome the idea of an experienced manager in a field that cries out for better management.
One experienced hunter jumps on the moose's rump and gouges its thigh muscles.
The subjects' brain patterns were recorded both as they experienced pain and zero pain.
Tour urban chicken coops all over the city and chat with experienced chicken owners.
But really, for my immediate family, it was something experienced from afar.
Recently the country has experienced strong economic growth.
Some experts consider the ship's demise a fluke-it was built to ply icy waters and was helmed by an experienced captain.
Monitors were instructed to soothe patients via supportive talk or touch if they experienced any anxiety.
Work from high school students is screened alongside that of more experienced animators, inviting unfair comparisons.
Our family has become quite experienced in emergency planning.
Metals in particular experienced some of the biggest moves in decades.
Victims experienced high fever, chills and excruciating pain.
But finding those hidden options may not be intuitive to less experienced web users.
The same was true for those who experienced fewer negative emotions in their dreams.
Your more experienced fellow campers will undoubtedly have a small stove.
The award-winning writer has experienced a turbulent week of jail and court injunctions.
Hardly any of these are seen as experienced managers, let alone competent ones.
On a good day, an experienced fossil excavator might uncover only a few inches of skeleton.
Many complain that it has been difficult to find experienced candidates.
The cave's entrance is the second deepest in the world, so the trip is dangerous even for experienced explorers.
It may be that the media has convinced consumers the current recession will be far worse than anything they've experienced.
We even show the same brain activity as if we'd experienced the pain ourselves.
On the other hand, the sensation you feel while flying is unlike anything you've experienced.
But no country has experienced anything on this scale.
First, they recorded where and for how long the eyes of an experienced surgeon were fixed during a simulated surgery.
And emotions which he has never experienced will serve his turn as well as those familiar to him.
The ruling faculty is a critical perception, a commentary upon experienced feeling and sensation.
The old hands warned the less experienced of their danger.
It is marvellous how quickly an experienced hand can clear the ground in a forest with one of these instruments.
Hotly, she defended her need to define anarchism as she experienced it, with or without radical consensus.
Experienced faculty members on the search committee will no doubt be quick to sniff out any hint of obsequiousness or insincerity.
She experienced both traditional and now a non traditional format.
So his two co-authors, more experienced sociologists, were important to him.
Only an eighth of those on conventional treatment experienced a similar recovery.
Yet persuading these canny, experienced buyers to sell is not for the faint-hearted.
But in the past few months they have experienced its downside, as the market's first ever bubble has popped.
Such semi-regular instability is not experienced in temperate climes, and it has deep repercussions.
Given that entrepreneurs tend to be tireless optimists, even experienced hands need a scare.
As plausible as it may sound, such an explanation is markedly different from anything your correspondent has experienced.
If a website experienced a sudden surge in popularity, more servers were needed to meet demand.
Experienced foreign private-equity firms are presumably not so gullible.
The discovery provides important information on how fear is experienced and processed.
Cities can be tough to shoot even for experienced photographers.
Dam building has experienced a resurgence, while at the same time a dam removal movement is gaining momentum in some areas.
Unlike the families, who knew nothing about caves, you are an experienced caver.
Find out in this test that measures two different types of happiness: remembered happiness and experienced happiness.
While travelers may have experienced a major inconvenience, local people had suffered a calamity.
Over the past decade, the region has also experienced severe drought.
So those who had zero negative life events experienced more overall stress and lower life satisfaction.
The onset was swift and he experienced these episodes several times in a minute.
What is more, a month later none of the animals had experienced adverse effects from the procedure.
Overall, the first music-exercising group experienced half as many falls as the control group.
When the experiment ended, participants filled out questionnaires about what they had experienced.
Many of their team has experienced the wonder of drug addiction recovery.
Based on all of this evidence, the two attackers were probably experienced professionals.
Joining a bus tour is one way to travel through the country with experienced guides and comfortable appointments.
He will be taught by experienced craftsmen, and his pay will rise as his skills improve.
Probably only a fraction of those people have actually experienced it.
These subsectors have experienced negligible employment growth since then.
These studies mean that lower doses experienced by people who merely eat agricultural products also can cause harm.
Anyone who has ridden in a golf cart has experienced it.
Their owners are less experienced in business, so may make rookie mistakes.
Today's school choice discussion is weighed down with ornate words written by people who have never experienced it.
In fact, this is how more of our lives are experienced now.
No century in recorded history has experienced so many social transformations and such radical ones as the twentieth century.
But they were vastly more skilled and experienced at bomb-making.
And experienced females typically invested more in those egg cases as measured by weight, the researchers found.
Others have tried using lithium-sulfide cathodes in the past, but experienced serious problems with the material's conductivity.
One thing they have experienced time and time again is evolution's blind progress.
Second, consciousness is always subjective in the sense that it only exists as experienced by human or animal subjects.
Imagine two bird watchers, one experienced, one a beginner.
Such experienced boys, a rare resource, had to be used with great economy.
When it experienced stress, it churned out lots of hormones.
Perhaps the blackness represents the horrors they have experienced.
The warning signs are alarming even experienced hurricane watchers.
Similar effects could be experienced in parts of the sea with mountains and ravines, where the sound would bounce back and forth.
She's never experienced an earthquake so the whole thing gave her goose bumps.
All things exist as both matter and energy, but are experienced as one or the other.
What's more, their brains experienced changes in neurotransmitters in the hypothalamus, hippocampus and cerebellum.
He worked with a team of experienced spider scientists, and each of six captured spiders produced silk of comparable toughness.
While the organizations are certainly experienced, he's talking about a new bird for all intents and purposes.
Animals that had experienced traumatic stress also showed related changes in stress hormones.
Nearly every region of the world has experienced drastic food price inflation this year.
It was our grandparents who really experienced the long and agonizing war.
Strong gains were experienced across all major commodity markets with the industrial metals market leading the charge.
The number in parentheses represents how many experienced courses are currently scheduled at that location.
He's not as experienced in zone coverage, but has shown the instincts to read the quarterback and break on the ball.
Truly, you don't know beans, lettuce or corn until you've experienced the heirloom varieties.
Instead, they critiqued as experienced diners might.
More rigorous fasts, such as a water-only fast, should only be undertaken by those experienced in fasting and detoxification.
He has played against older, more experienced players.

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