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If there is one group of people who have the knowledge and experience to identify the year's best directors, it's.
This was one of the most profound geographic experiences of my life.
The experience is frequently disconcerting and is often accompanied by a sense of unreality.
Each perusal is a terrific experience and new nuggets of desert gold are found.
The obvious benefits are new skills and invaluable experience.
Although he has years of experience as a political adviser, he has much to learn about politics in the front line.
It was definitely a learning experience.
Strong teaching record, with experience in developing curriculum to use experimental learning to further educational goals.
Direct teaching experience in a local college, university, or community college is also valuable.
Experience teaching undergraduate students and a minimum five years professional experience in the public relations field.
The ideal candidate will have conducting experience, and teaching experience in public school and college levels.
Creative use of turf enhances the poolside experience.
Your experience, strength, and equipment determine how heavy a rock you can safely handle.
Our experience growing the plants confirmed his claim.
In my experience it has twice the fragrance of blue heliotropes.
Rent something with four-wheel-drive, and experience the spectacle on a new, free self-guided tour.
Globe-trotters can experience flavors that go far beyond the standard chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.
All the ingredients to cook up a delicious travel experience.
For example, some students may have had a bad experience with trying a new food.
Here you can experience them all in one spot-something you'd probably never be able to do in the wild.
It's really not that difficult to do, and to me, it doesn't take away from the wilderness experience.
Many people prefer the visceral experience of seeing things visually through the eyepiece of a telescope.
The sheer enormity of the human suffering is something few are prepared to experience.
Defining a standard experience on nonstandard devices.
Indeed, that big tweak amounts to a faster, snappier computing experience.
In his experience, when a ship rolls to one side, it generally rolls right back the other way.
Experience is the name so many people give to their mistakes.
The stress he laid on experience in the growth of mind led him to magnify, perhaps overmuch, the power of education.
It is best to learn wisdom by the experience of others.
Where a succession of incidents was required to complete the experience, the song sequence arose.
There is no reason why their experience should not be conclusive.
The vast spread of prices often distracts from a narrowing range of experience.
Further, many people have said that the b-school experience is actually more about the people you meet than the curriculum itself.
How meditation relieves the subjective experience of pain.
Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy often experience hair loss.
Some metaphors are not literary creations at all-instead they seem to be built from the ground up, given to us by experience.
Groups of cortical neurons are the elements that construct the content of each particular rich and vivid experience.
Others believe that speech is learned through experience.
The experience of course need not be a pleasant one.
People want the group experience, the sense of going out and participating in a film together.
No one could actually describe the experience with any accuracy.
We recently caught up with him to talk about his experience.
Walk along the footpath and experience the mystery and power of this effigy.
What we're aiming to do is to bring that behind-the-scenes experience to the visitor that can't go backstage.
There are people who say you couldn't possibly get to an interesting musical experience without paying your dues.
Kids of all ages can experience scientific phenomena through these curiosity-inspiring, hands-on exhibits.
Visitors can experience this heritage anywhere they happen to venture, whether shore or mountain, small village or city.
Check out this award-winning program online and then experience it for yourself.
Having traveled before in that country, my experience was profoundly different.
The story usually relates to the writer's own particular experience.
He guided us through the villas and some private areas and let us experience these incredible villas through his eyes.
Technology functions as a tool to enhance your experience, rather than as an end in itself.
Not surprisingly, something so challenging and so beyond our experience opened up all kinds of unusual avenues of discourse.
Life, it turns out, is a series of tradeoffs between great experience and high convenience.
Less than three months later experience had brought him to another melancholy observation.
Why we're in such a rush to create a hands-free tech experience.
The trick, always, is to connect the story with the wider world of human relationships and experience.
Frost's country is the country of human sense: of experience, of imagination, and of thought.
But as a writer they have no use for me in my day-to-day work experience.
The experience seemed to dismay everybody else and to convert them to the view that markets do the job better.
Feeling your mind go utterly, horribly blank on national television is a deeply unpleasant experience.
Sometimes, expectations can do one out of a good movie-going experience.
There's something about hearing a director's voice that gets to the heart of the movie-going experience.
Tell us a little about your own experience in running a café.
We've known for a long time that the more experience you have as a doctor the better you tend to be.
The experience he's dealing with here deserves something more than the tidy dramatic structure that he has imposed on it.
Moreover, anxiety as a precondition of the maternal experience had not yet been invented.
The experience, with the metabolic changes it sets off, is a simulacrum of dying.
Words are capable of making experience more vivid, and also of organizing it.
While the intellectual component is certainly a compelling part of the endeavor, making art is also a physical experience.
When you see a great dancer for the first time, it can be a confusing experience.
It is this: study of the human genome has revealed that genes respond to experience.
Even if they knew how it was done, writing about the experience is not one of their concerns.
What fascinates the author is the way each speaker wholly redefines herself according to the experience.
These different measures coexist and often blend but are not always rationalized in experience under one central system.
She obviously did not check out his background and experience.
The intensity of an experience may sharpen the memory of it, while making it even less accurate.
Still, these developments are interwoven, in the experience of many students if not in the intentions of legislators.
All historians are prisoners of their own experience and servitors to their own prepossessions.
To keep framing intelligent questions, historians need to construct forms that give meaning to the tangle of human experience.
Then, she wrote down her experience and the stories of her students demonstrating how a book club can be an act of sedition.
The notion of traveling to places unknown and discovering new worlds then writing about the experience is clearly appealing.
And when your rest is over, a fine-dining experience is only steps away.
But history shows that when it comes to the presidency, experience doesn't guarantee success.

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