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Although single-crystal cells offer high conversion efficiencies, they are expensive to make.
She paired the bargain finds with high-end partners, such as standard tiles with expensive faucets, to get the look she wanted.
Orphan drugs are expensive to produce, and prices need to be set high to recoup costs within such a small market.
Maintenance of these treasures can be difficult and expensive, but their high appeal to tourists helps to keep them running.
Yet high-yield varieties are also genetically weaker crops that require expensive chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides.
The switch to high-definition was expensive for everybody.
The fact is, the people who buy expensive equipment more often than not have a drive to create high quality images.
The machines in the factories were complex and expensive and becoming more so by the year.
And the longer before the plug is pulled, the more expensive.
Solar panels are far too limited and far too expensive for what they do.
Manned missions to space are incredibly expensive and don't serve any important purpose.
Generally, the more expensive cameras possess the best sensors.
Both of these changes would be discriminatory and ridiculously expensive.
At first new breeds are expensive and only a few people can afford them.
Study subjects rated the same wine as tasting better when they were told it was more expensive.
Although they're more expensive than the conically shaped ones, straight-sided cages are easier to use.
On a per-minute basis, no information available by telephone is more expensive than the predictions of phone psychics.
Obviously that student may want to consider a less expensive school.
Solar cells are still ten times too expensive for use in housing.
Ironically, those costs grow as rehabilitation is delayed and repair jobs become more difficult and expensive.
Moving billions of gallons of hydrocarbons around is expensive.
If it got too expensive id move somewhere cheaper rather then complain.
Rather scarce and expensive because of time more add to my plant list.
It's no secret that taking your phone overseas can be an expensive decision.
Expensive colleges need to be more aggressive in ensuring that its graduates are not buried with oppressive debt.
Expensive hotels actually do not have a lot of regards for their clients.
The expensive birds have radio transmitters attached and can be tracked.
If marauders still come after them, switch to less expensive goldfish.
They are views into the expensive tastes of heads of state from around the world.
One of the reasons for the increasing debt load is that construction is more expensive than in.
Similarly, donors are screened for infectious diseases as blood donors are, a time consuming and expensive process.
Then the police said it was too dangerous to walk around the neighborhood alone toting expensive camera gear.
Rather scarce and expensive because of time required to reach salable size.
Another way to limit production cost is to swap in less expensive though equally resilient materials.
Large specimens can be expensive and tend to be snapped up by professional landscapers.
While contracts are often the only way to get the best phones, they can get pretty expensive.
However, converting such crops into ethanol is technically difficult and more expensive than using corn.
We're crossing our fingers that this will be miracle cure while also looking for a less expensive option.
If you are untenured, go with the less expensive model.
For decades, prototypes have typically been made by hand from drawings, a slow and expensive exercise.
At the adjacent table, peruse the dessert selection, with marzipan and expensive herbs and spices.
Others are scaling back plans to build new facilities or invest in expensive programs.
Truly soft wines tend to come from top vineyards, so are fairly expensive.
Maybe there's something useful still to come, but for now, this column describes nothing more than expensive alchemy.
The downside is that these fireworks are more expensive.
It can often be less expensive than buying a comparable off-the-shelf item.
But getting started with bees can be expensive if you use conventional hives.
In dry form, they're usually less expensive than their organic counterparts.
After that, the more water you use, the more expensive it gets.
The solar panels are too expensive yet, to be economically viable.
Too often custom motorcycles are outrageously expensive exercises in exuberant excess that place form over function.
Crafting is less expensive when you recycle materials and also is a good way to keep usable items from ending up our landfills.
Runners who wear cheap running shoes have fewer injuries than those wearing expensive trainers.
But for mundane applications, it has always laboured under two expensive disadvantages.
Painting is the only way to prevent corrosion, but this is expensive and time consuming.
For the next two decades home movies were an expensive and at times demanding hobby.
Video conferencing has long been hyped as the corporate killer app, but the technology has been glitch-prone and expensive.
Purified silicon, the basic material of such cells, is expensive.
Usually non refundable tickets are way more expensive to go that route.
For two decades poachers have slaughtered chiru by the thousands for their wool, which is finer and more expensive than cashmere.
But there is also nervousness in some quarters, as success will be expensive.
Currently, many startups simply rely on a recommendation from a friend or go with expensive counsel recommended by investors.
First, the cost of the silver makes the wires expensive.
Cross-country moves are obviously more expensive than a regional relocation, and this cost can be estimated fairly well.
The problem has worsened since the proliferation of digital information has made discovery more complicated and expensive.
Offering the scholarships was-and is-an expensive proposition.
Some uni bookstores now sell framing kits around commencement time, if you think that professional framing is too expensive.
No need to buy a big, expensive parka to stay dry in the rain.
As fuel gets more expensive these technologies will become more attractive.
The deer zappers are expensive and you need a bunch of them to work.
In cases where sewage sludge is used, expensive chemical fertilizer use can be avoided, he said.
Our insurance totally denied our claim for a prosthetic arm and they are quite expensive.
The moon is not being mined for rare or expensive elements.
Genetic testing, for instance, is hugely expensive right now.
The gas and petroleum is getting expensive at the level that other energy sources are cheaper.
They tried that at my school, and the school is in such an expensive area that many people live in long-distance areas.
New and expensive roofs have been put on for the comfort of such tenants as might choose to use them.
Brains are expensive-it takes a lot of energy to build brains during fetal and childhood development and maintain them in adults.
But equipment is expensive and the process can take hours.
But it is far too expensive-there have to be breakthroughs.
Kind of expensive to care for such animals long term if they are no longer viable for work.
Studying the effects of low gravity in space craft and space stations is expensive.
It's not easy and the learning curve can be expensive.
Stocks can remain historically expensive or cheap for many years.
The type of car you drive is also a big factor-and some cars are much more expensive to insure than others.
But if a writer starts spotting such perceived blemishes in typeset pages, expensive corrections will need justification.
They owned a strong and productive horse with one flaw, its need for expensive oats.
The city is dominated by tourists in the summer and is rather expensive for a town of its size.
Edited to add: it doesn't need to be horribly expensive.
These days, his sweaters are more likely to be in subtle shades of goat, and be more expensive.
It's kind of expensive, about twenty-five dollars a month.
Roundups proceed practically unnoticed in supermarket parking lots, on the streets, and in expensive new developments.
Expensive gas often has a psychological impact as well as a material one.
Unfortunately, the expensive computers were a commercial flop.
Here's another thing: these fake protests are expensive.
Open-hearth steelmaking was expensive and time-consuming.
Therefore diesels are expensive to build and maintain.
It would be wildly expensive-requiring a trio of cows-and demand many acres of land.
However, offshore wind has been criticised for being too expensive.
If they stick, the findings could set the stage for a less expensive x-ray machine that does not require electricity.
R&D is expensive, and the private sector is more likely to invest in things they think are going to work.
Despite heaps of debt, he buys an expensive sports car, anticipating success.
It would be time consuming and expensive but it would get the oil into tankers.
Researchers provide medical care and batteries of expensive tests in return for the opportunity to study community members.
Energy that anyone can produce with few simple parts as opposed to a few companies producing expensive solar panels.
It's a bit more expensive but yields more tender and flavorful meat.
Its slow cooking provided another economy in that it broke down cheaper, tougher cuts of meat for tastier, less expensive meals.
Not only are the fancy trappings required of a three-star restaurant too expensive now but probably irrelevant as well.
Digital is more expensive, but the price will come down.
Such treatments are expensive, however, and are still denied to millions of people in the developing world.
Energy had previously been expensive and severely limited, but nuclear energy is comparatively cheap and effectively unlimited.
It has been an expensive one to build and will be expensive to maintain.
Buying an extra set of books to keep at home is less expensive than doctor visits.
And as the prime reserves of shale gas are depleted, the gas from remaining reserves may be more expensive to produce.
Despite renewable diesel's advantages, it's expensive to refine any kind of fuel.
Yet with a few exceptions, this expensive, glitzy wunderkind is indeed worth lusting after.
At one time, car travel was always less expensive but less convenient than air travel.
They expect a return on their investment, namely that doctors prescribe their newest expensive pills.
Clearly, these cheaper batteries are not nearly as good as the more expensive ones.
The problem is that this kind of control is expensive.
Shipping in materials for fencing got more expensive the farther you got from their source.
But the sensors required to build that map have traditionally been either expensive and bulky or cheap and inaccurate.
Energy innovations that once seemed off-the-charts expensive are becoming potentially profitable alternatives.
Most damaging, the expensive-to-produce series took a dive in the ratings this spring.
On the flip side, it's simply more expensive to raise turkeys naturally, especially heritage birds.
Most of them involve great acquired skill, expensive training, or intense personal instruction.
Parasite singles may spend their money on expensive jewelry and cars.
We use an expensive machine rather than watchful waiting.
First, companies don't buy natural gas trucks because they're expensive.
And they're expensive, in part, because not enough companies buy them.
When less product is shipped in a pipeline, the cost per unit of product increases, making the product even more expensive.
The snag, from society's point of view, is that all these drugs are horribly expensive.
Certainly, they will be expensive, though nobody knows how expensive.
Solar panels were once too expensive to install on anything but satellites.
Air cargo is many times more expensive than maritime transport but arrives in destination markets much faster.
We model firms' choice between exporting goods using fast but expensive air cargo and slow but cheap ocean cargo.
If it does not make them more expensive, it will not work.
But once begun, many factors conspire to make the process expensive and frustrating.
Unfortunately, it is expensive to convert all that sunshine into electricity.
Some of these would be difficult or expensive, but they should be achievable without colossal disruption.
Inflation having ebbed as a public concern, several cities decided it was safe to push for more expensive water.
The premise behind the launch is that expensive, thorough reporting will pay for itself by attracting readers and advertisers.
It is expensive and can be of dubious scientific value, since different species often react differently to the same procedure.
Where winters are short or mild, piping this water for use in district-heating schemes is prohibitively expensive.
Bankers complain that equity is too expensive and will have a knock-on effect on the price of credit, damaging the economy.
Most of the magazine's advertising comes from expensive foreign brands.
But he was not about to launch into a film as expensive as this one might be without studio backing.
Service-level insolvency means that the expensive community center that has been built and named cannot be opened.
So, you had to have these big expensive mainframes in order to do anything.
Waiting until crisis forced one's hand and making it all the more expensive and potentially explosive.
The sense of suspicion and paranoia seemed to me to pervade even the fancy shopping malls, tourist beaches, and expensive hotels.
In the long run, such alternatives would probably be less expensive.
When information is cheap, attention becomes expensive.
The remedies are expensive, but given the seriousness of the condition, they are worth every penny.
Rethinking a scheme when it is already underway can also prove expensive.
It is extremely expensive to keep it even minimally livable.
Another limiting factor is the negative electrode, which is made of expensive silver.
Diacetyl could also be extracted from butter, but that is extremely difficult and expensive.
But in its advanced stages, the disease requires constant and expensive treatment.
Searching for genetic variations that predict an increased risk of disease can be terribly difficult and expensive.
Military robots right now are too expensive to be autonomous-you can't afford to have them screw up.
Six motors would be too unwieldy, complex, and expensive.
It was expensive and therefore cancelled when there was no money.
But the rest of us are lab rats who are fed useless, expensive toxic drugs that do nothing but harm in the long run.
Besides, the cherry juice concentrate isn't terribly expensive, and it actually tastes pretty good.
The silicon shortage that has kept solar electricity expensive is ending.
Despite its potential, cellulosic ethanol is expensive to make today.
Also expect corn syrup--used in soft drinks--to get more expensive, he says.
But they require expensive catalysts such as platinum to split hydrogen into ions and electrical current.
Commercial-scale plants are being built, but the fuel could still be too expensive to compete with corn ethanol.
Enclosed solar conversion systems are expensive and difficult to manage.
Detecting the bacteria is time-consuming and expensive, even in hospitals with sophisticated lab equipment.
But fuel cells remain an expensive way to generate electricity, and they don't yet make economic sense for all businesses.
Such windows have existed for awhile, but they are expensive and not widely used.
But within the next few months, there may be a less expensive, smaller alternative to quartz.
Many an expensive gadget has been cut down in its prime by an accidental soaking.
Seeding the ocean with pressure sensors to detect tsunamis before they strike can be expensive and time consuming.
But growing algae and extracting its oil efficiently is difficult, time consuming, and expensive.
Right now it's impossible for a consumer to get an accurate gauge of energy use without deploying numerous expensive sensors.
Yet the way wafers are currently manufactured wastes half of the expensive, ultra-pure crystalline silicon they're made from.
But, so far, they've been too expensive for widespread use.
But current methods for testing these proteins are too expensive and require too much blood to be performed regularly.
But the glucose sensors available today can cause infections after a few days, and they are bulky and expensive.
Although this process worked well for testing the properties of the system, it is too expensive for large-scale manufacturing.
Replacing a leach field is an expensive proposition that costs thousands of dollars.
Information databases can be extremely useful and are often extremely expensive.
The best solutions are not always the expensive ones.
Today, governor's mansions tend to be white elephants-older homes in need of expensive updating.
One argument is that fruits and vegetables are expensive, especially when purchased fresh.
If you do, credit insurance can be an expensive form of insurance.
For example, it may be less expensive and more practical for you to get life insurance than credit insurance.
If they want to hear the signal, they use a less expensive device: a simple one-speaker radio.

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