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Calculate the expense on a cost per use basis, and suddenly the investment doesn't seem extravagant at all.
The extra expense of designing buildings to absorb seismic shocks seems cost-effective, experts say.
Solar powered gadgets may cost more than their traditional electric counterparts, but future energy savings offset that expense.
It is part of the expense of running a university department.
But they have suppressed almost all public discussion about the choices they made and the expense involved.
The renewable energy effort comes under criticism because of its expense.
Neither you, nor anyone else has presented sufficient evidence to justify this expense.
The larger vehicles are still moving slowly due to the extra expense of battery packs.
Hanging lanterns that hold candles illuminate without the expense of wiring.
It could also be viewed as a disease, an obsession with order at the expense of utility.
The article focused on the expense of pursuing specialized accreditation in the midst of the current economic crisis.
The city's vendor contracts, expense reports and various other things have already been there for about a year.
Spare parts mean more weight, more expense and less science.
Too much nitrogen makes plants grow leaves at the expense of fruit.
He began experimenting with improvements, at his own expense.
But the animal lab, despite the expense and potential for controversy, made it into the final design.
Reporters tend to consider themselves poor, but reporters on large expense accounts would have been a different matter.
These conditions encouraged the formation of peaty moorland at the expense of trees.
But their flexibility comes at the expense of speed.
Practical difficulties and expense used to be the main obstacles to government invasions of privacy.
But the reshuffling came at the expense of other, more pressing academic needs, officials said.
Temporary houses are built for the guests, who live at the expense of the grieving family for as long as a week.
Sure, you could continuously tweak a skill, but that effort is at the expense of other possible efforts.
So instead of redistributing wealth and opportunities, rich regions and individuals benefit at the expense of poorer ones.
If the rich get richer at the expense of the poor, then inequality is a problem.
Commonly frequented by tourists and executives with expense accounts.
Nevertheless, modern neuroscience techniques often focus on localization at the expense of communication.
Up until now, the high expense and low potential payoff have preserved these sites from salvage operations.
The sheer expense and scale of this project mean the stakes are high.
Lithography allowed cartographers to make many accurate copies of maps with less labor and expense.
Destruction also eliminates the not insignificant expense of storing and guarding the items.
My guess is a majority don't because of the expense.
He sees powerful interests profiting at his expense.
US households spend more of their energy budget on heating than any other expense.
Water heating is the third largest domestic energy expense on your utility bill.
It's obvious that animals have developed certain physical advantages at the expense of others.
But only one thing is guaranteed when drawing sea boundaries-a lot of lawyers grow rich at the taxpayer's expense.
But the common thread is the pressure to excel at the expense of long-term physical and mental considerations.
Most committees seem to do this for candidates so that they don't have to put that expense on their credit card.
For example, the former are not required to have bumpers, which would add weight and expense to a flying vehicle.
But you may find yourself wondering whether they are really worth the time and expense.
The expense and prep time are more extensive with healthy food.
All diagnostic and treatment should follow this same path better care with less expense.
Unfortunately, that energy must be imported at great expense or produced locally, which can impair an area's desirability.
The expense in build further from the ocean and with sufficient redundancy is too great.
She's early for her only interview, and she can justify the expense of one good breakfast.
The effect, says the report, was to grow too fast and emphasise revenue at the expense of risk.
Basically everything that relates to an expense generated through consulting work may become a legitimate business expense.
Cap-and-trade and non-natural capture schemes only increase the expense of energy and add to the burden of poverty.
Contracts and grants would immediately flag that as an inappropriate expense.
Thus it is up to the authorities to take charge and to bear the costs at taxpayers' expense.
They worry that their triumph in coming home alive is at the expense of buddies who didn't make it.
All good tips, but once your budget is expended make sure you write-off the expense of membership fees come tax-time.
It's an approach that may succeed in terms of high efficiency but at the expense of vitality.
Tell a few jokes at your own expense, or at the expense of your subject matter.
Scientists have doubled the payload of today's popcorn-at the expense of taste.
He values the past but not at the expense of being forward-thinking and modern and hip.
But the quest has been fraught with technical failures and ungodly expense.
Because of their expense and unwieldy size, early computers- which came to be known as mainframes- served many people.
He's inspirational and funny--often at the expense of people who don't get the vision.
There's no point in our singling out one thing at the expense of others.
Our paychecks don't come at the expense of anyone else.
However, this extreme density comes at the expense of flexibility.
However, this comes at the expense of maintaining the bones.
She acted to protect those who helped her and was visibly sorry for those who died or were threatened at her expense.
While they may get built someday, the expense of building them and the difficulty in maintaining them has got to be a barrier.
And the expense of trucking all that paint into space would not be inconsiderable.
Holding them back are the vagaries of biology itself, and the expense and time needed to get from idea to engineered organism.
Most handle only one wireless format, since the others would require different radio components, adding expense and bulk.
It would be helpful to know the full expense plus all the maintenance needs and failure rates.
The instruments also require large, powerful magnets, which contribute to their size and expense.
The size and expense of typical nuclear magnetic resonance imagers is dictated by the need for a strong magnet.
Adding concentration and tracking increases complexity and expense.
Both systems offer security at the expense of constant surveillance.
The company's advance is all about reducing the expense of manufacturing conventional solar cells.
That's because of the expense and complexity of these more comprehensive, multiple-parameter tests.
To me this feature is absolutely required to make the car worth the expense.
One important consideration in planning space power is the expense of putting a satellite into orbit.
But a biometric identification system could be a unique identifier that might justify its additional expense for some vendors.
Once the initial expense for the solar collectors are paid for the rest is nearly pure profit.
Transmitters with larger field of views can also be mounted for better coverage at the expense of received power reduction.
Organizations relying on heavy trucks are expected to switch not because of the expense, but dependability.
Due to the threshold expense of printing and distribution, the publisher does this routinely to protect the investment.
Thus it seemed rather odd that he should be throwing his own book party, in his own small and shared flat, at his own expense.
He and his accountants always made sure that one company or another absorbed every expense, and telephone calls were not cheap.
If they sue for some aspect of the damage done to their homes and land, they end up in court for years at great personal expense.
She does not tell us that she did leave him for long periods, as she desired, at his expense.
For these, well-cut suits were essential-at considerable expense.
Because many of them feared for their safety, presenting their testimony was a huge effort carried out at enormous expense.
But it became a matter of national priority and expense.
In many cases they were taken over by newly formed public corporations at public expense.
Globalization has distorted the allocation of resources in favor of private goods at the expense of public goods.
The tale he tells is not the old tragedy of gaining a new, false voice at the expense of a true one.
Each had aspirations with relation to the territory that could be satisfied only at the expense of the others.
No expense is spared to ensure that the census of subjects shall be complete and accurate.

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