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That becomes significant when we think of energy expenditures in particular.
We will probably have to reduce our expenditure of federal funds for salaries and expenses.
At a minimum, he says, such an investigation might raise questions about the expenditure of tax dollars on public universities.
This is by far the largest of the tax expenditures by the federal government.
By extending product life, such energy expenditure—as well as recycling issues—could be restrained.
The next step is to reduce expenditures.
Either we spend more on research, or we do less research for the same expenditure.
We need some more justification to authorize this expenditure of public money.
The project manager will ensure the efficient and effective expenditure of grant funds.
You might be able to figure out what type of company I work for without too much mental expenditure.
And if you settle for mediocre defenses and they get wiped out, you also lose your initial expenditure.
It is equally apparent, contrary to popular opinion, that extravagance of expenditure is growing less and less.
Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six, result happiness.
Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.
Expenditure should always be made with economy and only upon public necessity.
Tax and public expenditure reforms will be necessary to close the budget gap.
What the art form needs is a persuasive justification of the expenditure.
Were health outcomes improving, the extra expenditure would be worthwhile.
They are asking governments to cut expenditure while their economies are still vulnerable.
The little personal finance guru who lives in my head reluctantly vetoed the expenditure.
Afterward, the military had to recognize that its expenditure of ammunition had only helped the enemy cause.
The party decided to focus on production and exports fueled by state capital expenditure.
Such rapidly rising expenditure would surely have come under sharper scrutiny even without the prompting of an economic crisis.
Their share prices would tumble if the country's construction and capital-expenditure boom abruptly ended.
The biggest problems, he says, were poorly conceived projects and wasteful expenditure.
As a consequence, migrant families consume fewer calories per rupee of food expenditure than non-migrants do.
The argument is that the markets will not wear continued deficits and public expenditure needs to be cut back.
About half of its discretionary expenditure goes on fuel, electricity and other subsidies, which tend to benefit the well-off.
No target has yet been set for the maximum share of health expenditure to come from patients' own pockets.
They increasingly want evidence that their expenditure is worthwhile.
Operators cut capital expenditure and offered unlimited, flat-rate plans, only to be caught out when demand finally took off.
On the expenditure side, implement projects of geographical restructuring.
What was claimed to be a surplus was actually social security taxes that went into general expenditure.
Short-haul business travel is an unnecessary expenditure that could be and should be reduced with better solutions.
The new wealthy want to make sure their money is properly used, and so want to be involved in its expenditure.
These typically include cuts in budget deficits, often by slashing public expenditure, or increases in interest rates.
When credit markets are poorly developed, he reasons, increases in housing wealth are likely to reduce consumer expenditure.
People have to stop believing that growing public expenditure is a stimulus to growth.
It is ambitious but would be an appropriate and wise expenditure of government funds.
Satisfying the human desire for adventure should not be a goal of government expenditure at all.
Public display of useless expenditure is evidence of wealth, power, leadership.

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