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Many papers have settled on higher education as an expendable beat.
However, consumers do not have the expendable income to increase consumption.
Children are being used as an expendable commodity, to be used and discarded.
Many of the aircraft cost several millions of dollars and are not exactly expendable.
The results of previous mistakes were mostly expendable.
The instrument, called an expendable bathythermograph, is little more than a shaped weight with a temperature sensor inside.
Downsizing and re-engineering made it clear that employees were expendable commodities, not.
Here's a scenario of what might happen if budget cutters decide that humanities research is expendable.
People are told that they no longer are wanted at work and made to feel expendable at home.
Since there is no way to land an expendable missile after liftoff, it must be tested to orbit on its one and only flight.
They have had so much that, in the past year, previous contributors were deemed expendable.
All others are expendable except as they may serve the self's existence and the realization of its goals.
Politics all around, everyone is expendable to a politician, including you and me and everyone else.
The deep-space program can be designed in such a way that its crew-transfer needs are met with expendable capsules.
They are abused and neglected, and they are expendable.
What's more, it shows how expendable ministers are, which undermines the authority of those who remain.
But he rightly considers it expensive and expendable.
All evidence shows there is nothing more expendable than life.
The longer governments treat workers as an expendable merchandise the more poverty and hence crime will increase.
Developing drones able to fight autonomously in high-end combat will make them much more expensive and much less expendable.
The value of the core business is then determined equally quickly, expendable divisions are sold, and a settlement is signed.
Or, as an alternate option, pair one shuttle launch with a couple of modules on an expendable.
History happens every day, and every day another story becomes expendable.
Once again, when powerful governments negotiated, the freedom of small nations was somehow expendable.
They are much cheaper, more autonomous than ever, and more expendable than humans.
Travel is sometimes considered an expendable luxury when finances get tight, but it needn't be.
Focusing on the notion that you're irreplaceable, rather than expendable, can be healthy.
His inconsistency made him maddening and expendable.
Nonhuman actors were once considered as expendable as the scenery.
It licenses the private sector launching of space payloads on expendable launch vehicles and commercial space launch facilities.
The use of expendable radiosondes worldwide is high.

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