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And then, apparently, they will have liberated more capital to expend on more reckless loans to ailing companies.
The researchers found that heavier birds did not expend as much energy as expected to carry the extra weight.
There is a simple rule of thumb that can be applied toward multiple solutions: don't expend energy in order to dissipate energy.
Levine, an endocrinologist, has spent his career studying how humans expend energy.
Overweight occurs when people consume more calories than they expend.
They do not see it as their moral obligation and expend considerable resources to obfuscate the issues.
But they also expend a lot of time and effort keeping their alumni engaged.
In the process, the herd would expend precious energy and fat reserves needed for the long migration.
Cities in moderate climes fared better than those whose residents must expend more energy to cool and heat their homes.
Most leaders expend a lot of energy trying to stay in power.
If they don't, they need to be happy with the rewards that are commensurate with the effort they're willing to expend.
But he does not expend much energy on managing his unwieldy coalition in the legislature.
If it takes more energy to extract oil than it yields, no one is going to expend any effort into extracting it.
If you could suck down a gallon of gasoline and then expend that energy on your bike, you figured out how far you could go.
Surely only carnivores expend so much energy so pointlessly.
Second, life does expend much more energy than non-living matter.
We are asked to expend pity and resentment towards society in the cause of a common thief.
We do expend time and money not to watch players kick each other brutally.
Remember, they can and will expend you at their whim.
His sons said he once threw his back out while pumping push-ups to expend nervous energy on a day when they played.
Customers might not expend the energy to surf through all the merchandise to find items of interest each time they visit.
Cars must carry their energy and expend energy to carry it, so the less weight per unit of energy, the better.
Those who consume more calories than they expend in energy will gain weight.
As heating pumps, furnaces and boilers age, they expend more energy to operate and provide adequate heat.
Walters says tracking data is being obtained to see how far the penguins go for food and the energy they expend in the process.
Bred for short stalks, plants expend less energy on growing inedible column sections and more on growing valuable grain.
Now, the protesters expend a lot of time and energy holding areas that don't have any real value.
Some argue that walking and other low level exertions expend relatively few calories, but this is misleading.
We expend enormous energy guiding and regulating their lives.
If your students are good, you can expend some of the same energy needed for your own work on their work.
The point here is to expend some energy to unlock even more energy.
You'd expend less going up, but then you'd get less back coming down.
Because the demon is a part of the system and must expend energy to reorder the system.
It would attempt to expend less energy to acquire more energy.
Which is, as cited in the article, the lack of willingness to expend funding on development of good research leads.
Astronauts expend a lot of energy and endure extreme stresses on their bodies.
But they don't take the time or expend the effort to help their kids succeed.
State troopers should expend as much effort on educating slow drivers to keep right as they do in catching speeders.
If you can expend this amount over time, your will acquire many of the health benefits of physical activity.

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