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Example sentences for expelling

Fast swimmers, they can jet forward by expelling water through their mantles.
The oracles also play the role of exorcist-expelling or controlling malign spirits believed to be in patients.
Corals under temperature stress blanch, expelling symbiotic algae that hide the white skeletons below them.
Expelling these common misconceptions is key to improving overall scientific literacy.
Still, expelling junk food won't do much to improve school cafeterias.
Audie took a deep breath and, expelling it, slackened his grip on her.
Yes, you hear it distinctly, because he's expelling his last breath of air.
Clams also soften the sediment by expelling jets of water from between the valves of their shells.
He has been expelling party dissidents and dealing toughly with student demonstrators.
Each country suspects the other of expelling people for political gain.
So expelling the three charities may be one way of muzzling reports of any impending humanitarian disaster.
The expelling of musk generally follows this behavior.

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