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The ministry has never said that a correspondent with a valid visa could be expelled without warning for not having a press card.
And should the student ever commit academic dishonesty a second time, the student is expelled.
As temperatures rise, temperature-sensitive algae that sustain the coral are expelled or killed.
The negatively charged expelled electrons are drawn back toward the positively charged bubble.
The campus judicial council found him guilty and, since he had a prior offense, recommended that he be expelled for two semesters.
Once food is safely in the stomach, water that was sucked up in the vacuum process is expelled through the gills.
He had been expelled from the program for misbehavior and later killed himself.
After ten months at the university he was expelled for heaving a brick through a window of the local stationmaster's house.
Penalties could range from a warning letter to being expelled.
Refugees have not returned to the homes from which they were expelled.
Mao challenged convention early in life, and was expelled from school.
Boys are three times more likely to be expelled from school.
The incident is one of many in which students have been expelled for violating zero-tolerance policies.
My dear students would be expelled for trying to get away with that.
He left home to take advantage of a scholarship to a teacher's college but was expelled before he could complete his degree.
His preschool expelled him after two days for refusing to stay in his chair.
He said you can tell the quality of the digestive ability of the food you are feeding by what is expelled.
If he did so, he and any party member who backed him would be expelled.
But mainstream economists don't understand that because they have expelled monetary theory from their system.
There are losses each time, amongst them, you do not recover the latent heat of water expelled as steam.
These layers then get expelled, exposing compact cores called white dwarfs, which light up surrounding gases.
It is not difficult to see that the notions which he has expelled often re-enter unbidden.
The unclean dog is expelled from the mosque but grimalkin is welcomed there.
Since then the world has become full of traitors, expelled and insulted, and suffering every possible calumny.
Since then, with monitors expelled, it has lost access.
Unless they are expelled from your body, they add to your weight.
Not a few were expelled from their traditional territories to make room for highways, dams and cattle ranches.
After due consideration, it was decided that he must be expelled.
The benefit of vomiting after eating something poisonous or tainted is obvious: the toxin is expelled.
Surely he ought to be expelled from school and sent before a judge.
Any legislator who tries to legislate reality ought to be automatically expelled from office.
Diplomats have been expelled, contacts between security services severed and visa restrictions imposed.
One in five children had been suspended or expelled, often more than once.
Were they expelled, they would have to forfeit their degrees, with grave implications for their professional futures.
He was expelled two days later in the fearful atmosphere of the moment.
Suddenly teens were being expelled from the workforce.
When corals are stressed by rising temperatures, the algae are expelled by the coral, turning the reefs bone white.
Last month, an eighth-grader was beaten and expelled for a mere spelling error.
Dealing with the ramifications of suspended or expelled students is a challenge for communities and school divisions.
Boiling water can be expelled from the kettle's spout, presenting a burn hazard to consumers.
Students guilty of gross misdemeanor or persistent disobedience may be suspended or expelled.
All information received on any students expelled or suspended on or after this date will be returned.

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