expeditiously in a sentence

Example sentences for expeditiously

He was a native of the country they were going through, he said, and could guide them expeditiously and cheaply.
The goal was to acquire these precious metals as expeditiously as possible.
We respond expeditiously to requests to remove such content from our services, and have been improving our procedures over time.
Whatever is to be done should be done expeditiously and well.
If he does, our criminal courts can handle them expeditiously.
The sale, being so expeditiously organized, minimized the likelihood of a public brouhaha.
The book scenes fare worse: the lines are treated as inconveniences that must be disposed of as expeditiously as possible.
King, the elections chairman, said the board was trying to remedy the error as expeditiously as possible.
If the crime reaches a level of blatant disregard for human life, the offender should be disposed of expeditiously.
Elected officials should not play politics with the debt ceiling limit and need to work expeditiously to reach an agreement.
Often they will do so expeditiously, obviating the offshore balancer's intervention.
Haynes produced a plastic bag brought for the purpose and expeditiously and copiously vomited.
The hotline's purpose is to provide to law enforcement the nature of the suspicious activity expeditiously.
All requests are handled professionally and expeditiously.
Our goal is to provide all appropriate information to the news media as expeditiously and accurately as possible.
Cases identified for priority handling should be developed and processed expeditiously.
Expeditiously resolve the compatibility issues that have the potential to impact the long-term safe storage of pits.
Act more expeditiously to resolve complaints at the administrative level when it is appropriate to do so.
To answer calls for service from community members expeditiously and professionally.
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