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Example sentences for expedition

The object of the expedition was accomplished.
That expedition was intended to sample the ocean bed and search for new forms of life there.
Whether you're interested in a day trip or an extended camping expedition, the Shenandoah should be at the top of your list.
Four years later, a second Arctic expedition took place.
The expedition will return about the first of September.
Away from your parents' watchful eyes, you can shave your head, join a rock-climbing expedition or get a tattoo.
Early in 1595 he started on an expedition to explore Guiana.
The expedition which made this discovery ended in January.
We had now begun the difficult part of the expedition.
The device melts snow to produce up to 750 milliliters of drinking water per hour -- more than enough for a long expedition.
In other words, you were supposed to mount an expedition.
In one scene, the tyrant stomps through camp and steps right on the expedition's scientist without a second thought.
It was arguably the world's first ethnobotanical expedition.
The world economy is certainly large enough to handle more than one expedition to the moon.
He couldn't understand all the media fuss about the expedition's success.
We review the results of the expedition in a nearby pub.
Now they plan to expand their expedition to find other animals lurking in the depths.
Within a decade after his expedition left, whalers had killed them all off for food.
The company is preparing a recovery expedition that's planned to start next spring.
Follow the expedition's progress through photos sent directly from the mountain.
Though their epic expedition ended last year, they're still camping.

Famous quotes containing the word expedition

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