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Example sentences for expedite

The court also said it would expedite the case.
Enthusiasm for the property led her to expedite the publishing process.
The decision could expedite resolution of the case, which involves allegations of five major rules violations.
Exercise good judgment on when to expedite delivery based on needs or available options.
Travel companies also are using the smartphone to automate and expedite routine travel chores.
To expedite departures, they may direct you to a different runway than planned.
The justices said they would expedite the case but gave no specific time frame.
Several years ago he set up a fact-finding team to expedite the investigation.
Wright said the reorganization is partly designed to expedite a prime-time recovery.
He expanded the scope of international agreements and helped expedite trade talks.
Be willing to help expedite the work of the committee.
Nationwide, numerous advocacy groups have clamored for steps to expedite college students to their degrees.
When you get one reviewer, it may mean the editor had to cut some corners to expedite the process.
The government may now expedite plans to privatise the port, to attract the capital needed to rebuild it.
But government must do more to identify illegal immigrants, and expedite procedures to deport them.
Please have your credit card information ready to help expedite your call.
The hyperbaric chamber pumps pure oxygen into the body and helps expedite the recovery process.
Some people need an over-the-counter lubricant to expedite insertion of the catheter.
The administration, however, was concerned only with how best to expedite the war.
Use of one of the following forms will help expedite your order.

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