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Political expediency rarely yields decisions that are clearly in the public interest.
Sadly, they're all the victims of the political expediency that comes with demonizing the group for the crimes of a few.
Then it was sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.
Such immensity swats away any modern obsession with expediency.
One of these relates to the rightfulness or expediency of anticipating profits.
Even on grounds of expediency the actions are questionable.
There is abundant reason to doubt the expediency of making a daily mail run over a route for.
But the cost of vanity and political expediency is high.
It has long embodied power, political expediency and ideals of progress.
Worse than sloppiness was the cynicism and political expediency that infected the government's decision-making.
It is a tale of greed, vanity, myopia and expediency that is all the more damning for its refusal to moralize.
But for reasons of political expediency they have stayed aloof.
But that would require the triumph of principle over expediency.
However, ideology is one thing, expediency is another.
The stay of execution had a lot to do with political expediency.
The issues are put beyond us not as a matter of urgent redress because of impending hiatus but because of expediency.
But, again, they could be justified for reasons of political expediency.
Now, it seems, principle has given way to expediency.
Come the ceremony, expediency was kicked into touch.
The article's advice is to refrain from sacrificing one's soul to social expediency.
Political expediency seemed to trump the legal civil rights of ordinary citizens.
All counsels of moderation were ignored, as vengefulness, expediency and moral sanctimony combined to impose a vindictive peace.
Its appropriation is wholly a question of general expediency.
Opponents of the bill are acting as much out of political expediency as out of plain old-fashioned gender bias.
Using tainted blood stocks became a matter of economic expediency and government-sanctioned policy.
Its sole purpose is expediency in copying and distribution.
We no longer have the luxury of avoiding difficult tasks in favor of political expediency.
Patient advocates are available in each service for convenience and expediency.
We will be a trusted steward of public resources and place prudent judgment over expediency.
Wildfire, timber salvage, and the economics of expediency.
Both reforms are potentially long on political expediency but short on educational efficacy.
Indeed, this responsibility is routinely delegated to applicants as a matter of expediency.

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