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It is time to break the bad habit of expecting something for nothing, from our government or from each other.
People are always expecting to get peace in heaven: but you know whatever peace they get there will be ready-made.
The uneasy and excited inhabitants were expecting them.
One night he started to return late, expecting to reach the plantation in time for his daily task on the morrow.
Marketing, advertising, and public relations were also expecting to see strong hiring growth.
They aren't asking for any money, but nor are they sending it out to reviewers or expecting any revisions.
The faculty at my university was abysmally low and everyone was expecting conditions to deteriorate.
The college is expecting to convert to its new governance structure during the summer.
Expecting students who might be grappling with unfamiliar material to have quick and ready answers is often unrealistic.
It should be available to anyone, certainly, but expecting universal enrollment is unrealistic.
Maybe asking or expecting universities to solve social problems is expecting both too much and too little.
And it is expecting a giddy few decades of spectacular growth fuelled by the exploitation of its mineral riches.
They are expecting lower profits this year than the macroeconomic forecasters are, which is almost unprecedented.
Last month people rushed to buy imported goods and fill their cars with petrol, expecting prices to rise as the rand sank.
Never expecting to stay, they looked on the habits of their neighbours with the interest of ever-curious strangers.
Many are expecting a boom in corporate profits on the back of buoyant exports.
Again and again, new leaders arrived talking about transformation and expecting to make radical change.
Expecting much more than this, you might say, is hopelessly naive.
There is also a third possibility, that the economy muddles through, which is what the equity markets seem to be expecting.
Too many well-intentioned people bring a new dog into their homes expecting that the dog will figure it all out on its own.
And if you're expecting a refund, using it to buy an energy meter could be the best investment you make this year.
The zany pattern has scientists baffled, as they were expecting to see daytime temperatures more akin to an off-center bull's eye.
Still, expecting companies to stop putting up new buildings is unrealistic.
They do the extra work without expecting recognition.
He then repeated the experiment over and over expecting improvement or different outcomes.
There are sound biochemical reasons for expecting some of these nutrients to be effective.
Expecting them to give up evenings and weekends is unreasonable.
No one is expecting that you purposely dumped your drink to begin with.
As they say doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is not a sign of mental health.
If you go to the doctor expecting a prescription for medication, you will probably get one, regardless of the type of doctor.
It has been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
It may depend on the animal you are more familiar with and which of the two you are expecting to see.
No one volunteers for a study expecting that something sinister may appear.
It seems the best way to die is when you're not expecting it, when you're distracted by other activities.
However expecting our food production system to shift back to a neo-colonial system is folly.
Expecting humans to stop eating meat is not a realistic solution.
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Now some critics could argue that going into a party expecting a confrontation will likely cause one and not avoid it.
They had come expecting venison chili, maybe grilled deer steaks.
We are expecting an opinion on this matter by the end of the month.
They had, in a sense, faked the senior military takeover that everyone had been expecting.
Somebody expecting payment won't get paid when he's expecting a payment.
Let him go comfortably to bed expecting to wake up in the morning as usual, and not wake up.
That's a pretty high price projection, particular for a scenario where you're expecting a huge boost in natural gas supplies.
Expecting recession can create a self-fulfilling prophecy.
He got his own tea, and then smoked his pipe, expecting momentarily to hear them at the door.
The public is now expecting every sport to regulate itself.
Expecting the world to adopt ascetic puritanical conservation is simply unrealistic.
It would be naïve to pick up the memoir of a recently retired politician expecting total candor.
Flannel-clad fans expecting a mosh pit might be disappointed.
But the firm says it isn't expecting to be profitable in the next couple of years, when it plans on ramping up its investments.
Clearly the owners had not been expecting anyone to come through this morning.
We looked at the water, expecting to see some stunned river fish float up, but nothing happened.
He was badly beaten and then dragged down to a windowless coal cellar, where he waited for days, expecting to be shot.
But you're using many concepts from civilization and law and expecting the animals to correspond to it.
But given its miserable track record on this case, there's reason for caution about expecting too much.
The initial ratings came from people expecting non-stop action, based on the promo featuring a horrific train crash.
Movie audiences now are expecting every film to have some really raucous, crazy stuff.
You're not expecting anything except to work in a movie.
In this case the researchers weren't expecting to find much that was alive.
Remember: it's easy to be fooled, especially when you're not expecting it.
That's quite a bit more than researchers were expecting.
Immature males and non-expecting females lose their antlers in early spring.
Stand by for them to come whining expecting sympathy and help for their plight.
Scientists were expecting an earthquake in that region, but no one could predict exactly when and where.
If people keep expecting really exciting news and don't get it, well, there you go.
Give it away, without expecting compensation, and discover you get what you need.
Pakistanis will tell you that families there try to produce as many sons as possible, expecting to lose half of them in war.
And through time, the odds go down but we're expecting basically a sort of a normal aftershock sequence.
Many expecting parents are not made aware of additional screening tests that are available beyond what is required by state law.
Expecting mothers have historically low rates of influenza vaccination.

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