expat in a sentence

Example sentences for expat

There's a good chance you'll see an expat mom here at the village playground with her kids.
But while the traumas inflicted on the nation may bring the country closer, they are pulling at the expat community.
It's the great secret to why being an expat is so alluring.
Popular hotel for expat gatherings and business travelers.
The cafe is a good place to catch up with expat activities and get information on local cultural happenings.
Otherwise, look at the expat community centers in the town you are visiting.
As an avid traveler and former expat, she enjoys sharing her experiences and tips with other enthusiastic explorers.
Talk story about an election night party thrown by an expat hedge-fund manager.
As any expat will tell you, there is nothing more boring than listening to someone rave or fume about an airport experience.
You've been an expat and a journalist for many years.
The characters were sheltered in their expat circle, turned in on themselves, pondering private landscapes of despair.
All of this is expat fantasy, of course, and not much use to the people who are born and die there.
Several days later, doctors diagnosed the expat aid worker with a milder, non-lethal variation of the disease.
Being an expat yourself, you will need a good knowledge of the city and some knowledge of the local rental market.
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